YAY for new people!



Hi folks,

It’s been a while but at long last, I’ve got a new welcome thread for folks. Please say hi!

@nesbeth22 is a graphic designer moving into a UX role within her company. She’s currently taking some courses in the area and has been looking to immerse herself in a community in order to discuss unusual questions and best-practice techniques. She works for an educational technology company that serves preschoolers and preschool teachers. She joined the community to get a more organic sense of how other designers are handling research in the real world of business, where pressures of speed to complete specifications and releases are ever-present. It feels as though UX is a new and exciting field that blends her love of art and design.

@efares11 found us through a Google search. He works for a start up in Toronto. He completed his undergraduate studies in engineering in 2014 then got a master’s degree in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) by the end of 2016 and has been working as a UX Designer for the past 2 years.

@hunternielsen_ca is currently transitioning to UX from a lengthy career in academia, first as an MA and PhD student/lecturer, and more recently as a pre-collegiate instructor. He’s been doing work that is tangentially related to UX for most of his career. He’s always been interested in the intersection of technology and liberal arts and appreciates that UX designers pause to consider how advancements in tech can benefit the individual and society, rather than focusing solely on marketing needs. He’s pursuing additional education in UX research and design, building out his portfolio, and trying to connect with like-minded professionals in the UX space. He’s also greatly interested in any opportunities that might be available as far as interning or volunteering.

@annakajohnson is here to learn about using UX in educational settings, such as schools; a service design approach to the use of UX. She’s been involved with UX since 2012, and even won a UX design hackathon in 2014! (That’s cool!) Right now, she’s pursuing a different career path, but hopes to merge the two fields at some point. She landed here because she’s always looking for process tips.

@lydiagbrooker is studying UX while working full time. She hopes to finish her certification by the end of the summer. She’s looking to transition careers later this year. She has a BA in Psychology and always have had an interest in design but hasn’t been able to really use her knowledge and skills with the career path I had started after college. Then, she had the realization last year that she wanted to incorporate her degree and interests into her career.


Welcome everyone!

@nesbeth22 I feel the same and love that UX blends things from other disciplines. For me it is the mix of creative and technical skills, which I previously combined in my career as a cinematographer. Looking forward to the unusual questions!

@efares11 I’m glad you found us through Google. :slight_smile: Would you be up for sharing a summary of what your master’s degree in HCI was like? I’m collecting stories and syllabus to share with the community what studying this kind of thing looks like.

@hunternielsen_ca That intersection can be fascinating, and I share your appreciation for pausing to consider how UX work also impacts on society. If you have any favourite reads or resources collected, I’d love to hear about them. My biggest challenge came through reading Papanek’s ‘Design for the Real World’.

@annakajohnson We’ll bring on the process tips for you. Let us know if there is something specific you’re after. We can look at sharing stuff on the blog too.

@lydiagbrooker Golly, studying + working full time. Well done! Bringing your psychology skills into UX will be valuable. What are your hopes for later this year? We’ve got a resource for transitioning careers coming out in a few months that I’d love to get your input on.


So exciting to hear about new people, esp how they found us! Welcome everyone, so glad you’re here.

Make sure you hit us up if we can help you with anything.


Welcome @nesbeth22 @efares11 @hunternielsen_ca @annakajohnson and @lydiagbrooker !

It’s so great seeing where everyone has come from and what your goals are. Hope we can help out!!


Hi Everyone! Great to be so welcomed!!! On that note…I’m working on a project I’d luv your feedback and suggestions on how best to proceed at each phase. So, keep your eyes peeled!! :slight_smile:


For sure! Start a new thread and the community can chip in. :slight_smile:


Welcome to the club, guys!!