Would this be a good project for gaining experience in UX Design?



Hi, I’m trying to gain some UX experience and build my portfolio. Could this project achieve those goals, or is there a better way?

Project: UX Files
A pun on the X-Files - a place for the general public to post UX issues they come across to help improve UX experience across the web.

I know I can easily build this but it will take some time and would it be worth it according to my goals?


Any project that allows you to document your process is good portfolio material. If you follow a UX process and communicate that, then the answer is yes.

Whether or not the idea itself will take off, who knows? But if your ultimate goal is portfolio material (and experience) then I’d do it.


Ah ok, awesome thanks Hawk. I’m starting on it right now then, thanks :slight_smile:


Happy to give you feedback any time you’re ready.

Have you seen some examples of great portfolios? @enlightened_06’s is awesome.


Excellent, thanks! Wow, yes very impressive folio by @enlightened_06 - I can see a huge amount of work has gone into that!


@hawk @morktron Thank you, that gave me a confidence boost :slight_smile: