What does UX mean TO YOU?


I’ve been wondering…what does UX mean to YOU? Everyone views it slightly differently, and I’d love to hear a diversity of responses on what you think UX is and what it means to YOU personally.


If you’re an aspiring or job-searching UXer and you don’t have an answer that shows your point of view and approach to the industry, as well as a prepared defense of that answer, you should. This question is bound to come up in interviews at some point.

For me, UXers are inherently optimistic, empathetic problem solvers who see every interaction’s potential to improve our overall experience with the worlds with which we interact. That means our profession and passion is the practice of making the world a bit clearer, easier and more friendly one interaction at a time. UX should be a force for good, advocating ethical design practices, accessibility for all, and transparency of information and choices. While it’s possible to violate these principles over the short term in the name of a quick buck, building sustainable growth and customer relationships means capturing the trust of your users.


UX for me (at least in my current role) is about advocating for users. It is about weighing up business goals, technical debt, resources etc and coming up with an achievable solution that offers the best experience for your end user.


Call me grumpy old man, even if I am only 34, but UX/CX etc are just new names for old problems.

I work as a designer. Just that. Right now, I design web apps… and while designing them, I care about * PLACEHOLDER FOR A HUGE LIST *… if that makes me a UX designer for some, fine.

Let’s just get the work done, ok? :stuck_out_tongue: