What are your hobbies or side skills?

  • Calligraphy: artfully writing by hand is a rewarding hobby that keeps me off the web and all digital media for some time. Finding various materials, pens, inks and fonts shows the variety of this leisure activity.

  • Historic places: exploring old town places, investigating the history of old buildings. Especially in Vienna, my hometown, this is an endless adventure. Have the idea of putting that in a blog for some time now but for some reason have not done that so far.


I’m not a great Calligrapher, in particular, but I have enjoyed focusing on better penmanship and learning some creative fonts and writing styles. I love great pens, inks, and materials a bit too much. How hard is it to get into calligraphy for someone that’s already spent some time working on other writing styles?


I do have a lot of fondness for fountain pens, myself, but I’m not much of one for calligraphy. I prefer my nail of a Lamy Safari, loaded with Aggie Maroon ink.


Aggies! Aieeee!

Hook 'em Horns!


shrug It’s fine. Someone needs to go to t.u. At least you don’t end up waking up in Lubbock every morning.


I play fortnite with my colleagues out of office.


Ooooh me too! I have a red Lamy Safari with royal blue ink.


Yes! Mine’s the red one with a fine nib. That’s my workhorse.

I also have a Pilot Metro fine with Noodler’s American Eel Black and a Nemosine Singularity in Blueberry loaded with Noodler’s Baystate Blue. The latter requires careful handling, as it can be difficult to clean up, but it’s such a saturated blue that it makes blue-lined paper look grey.

I really have to keep myself from just buying more Safaris to bring in as my everyday carries.


I like play the guitar, go to the mountain, doing some sports (speacilly Badminton) and… 3D (here you can see some of my work: www.mockup.es).


and here I am, I have just joined one startup more as a part-time job as Design lead :joy::joy::joy:

Rip my personal life xD


Well, UX design for me is kind of a hobby turned into my dayjob, so I feel very happy that I love this field so much :smiley:

Besides UX, I produce and compose music (mainly electronic music). I am released on a couple of smaller independent labels in US, Russia, UK and a few other places. You can find me on e.g. Spotify, Beatport, Apple Music, etc.

I also like drawing, however I’m only OK at it. The artwork posted in this thread looks amazing, great work. :slight_smile: