What are your hobbies or side skills?


Yes, but you have twins! Coordinating two nap schedules, two feeding schedules? Double the diapers?? You have some serious parenting skillz. :wink:


They’re 8 now so life is relatively easy. I forget how it was in the early days. I suspect that’s for reasons of self-preservation.


Clarinet for 4 years followed by alto saxophone for 5 years with 3 of those 5 years being at university. Before I discovered industrial design, I was a music student with a dream to play in a large ensemble full time.


Same! I played for 12 years. I got to travel a fair bit with an orchestra, which was cool.


Hah! It has been a while since I have made any lampshades… a while since I have embraced a hobby, hence the inadequate. Lamp photos to follow…


That’s gorgeous! Looks amazing with the colour change of the wall behind.


@HAWK - some more for you to see.


We just painted one wall dark blue (for the first time ever I successfully chose a paint colour with no help and less than 10 test pots). Thinking of doing the whole room to make a tv room cave. It’s a dark room anyway… why not embrace it… she typed with no confidence or interior design skills. :slight_smile:


We renovated last year and I made a pact with myself to make every room a colour (no neutrals). I even went with some wallpapers. It was liberating. I highly recommend it. You can always repaint!


I’m a homebrewer. With the club I formed, I’ve made around 20 different 5 gallon batches. I lean towards highly experimental brews. My crowd favorites are my double chocolate raspberry stout (which actually is a dry stout with a slight raspberry finish), my sour brown (which is a sour twist on Dogfishhead’s Alphabet Brown), and Chandreshekar’s Stout, a Russian imperial whiskey barrel stout with 3 kinds of sugar, 2 kinds of yeast, and a handle of Maker’s Mark. It’s so dark you can’t see a 500 watt flood lamp through it, and it comes in at 13% ABV.

I’m fond of swimming and weight lifting.

I’m also a colossal nerd. I’m into gaming and book collecting. I’ve helped out with our local convention here at school for nearly a decade (It’s the current world record holder for longest running student convention). I’m a big fan of thought-provoking SF and comics. I’m a big fan of Jim Butcher, Brandon Sanderson, George R R Martin, and Scott Lynch. Comic-wise, I pull Rat Queens, Saga, Serenity, and Tank Girl. Gamewise, I’m a Bioware devotee.

Side skills? I used to be a competitive debater and have kept a keen interest in politics and policy. I’m also a trained systems engineer, so I have skills in lean production management and statistical quality control.

I’m not much of a visual designer, however, as my world is mostly words and flow charts. I’m getting better, though, as I realize I’m going to have to interact more and more with people who are distinctly designers.

Fun bit of trivia? I’ve won a UX competition judged by Don Norman.


I’m not sure if I am more impressed by the beer flavours or the UX competition win. :slight_smile:


So is my bf and it drives me nuts. We always have hoses and kegs and other random stuff lying all around the house. That said, I do drink the beer. :wink:


Probably the beer. It takes a lot of tinkering to get right.

The UX competition was a first time event for students, so there were only four teams. I got matched up with some really brilliant colleagues, one who had just come off of a UX internship and another who does in-house product design for Target. I really learned a lot from them. They’ve really motivated me to up my visual communication skills.


Wow… just wow!


@Jellybean hat looks awesome! I really love the robot one :slight_smile:


I make science and geek themed jewellery under my design label - Crankybot. I design and make everything in our home studio with our lasers, CNC machines and 3D printers :slight_smile:


Hobbies :slight_smile:

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nice clicks!


Haha, for a minute there I thought you built fountains!

@ruth – cool! I didn’t know that you did that.


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