Springboard Recently came out with a UI/UX boot camp. I have been accepted into the boot camp but having second thoughts. I am wondering how this compares to other bootcamps? I am exempt from their job guarantee which worries me the most because I do not have a 4 year degree. should I pursue a relevant 4 year degree instead? I have heard that not having a degree can stop growth and have less earning potential but all degrees I have looked into aren’t laser focused on design with some coding usually it’s the opposite. TIA

Hi @Kdesign - have a search and read through these forums a bit more, as these questions have likely been covered before.

A good thread to start with is this one: UX Boot Camps (Bloc vs Designlab vs Springboard vs CareerFoundry)

I can’t speak about other bootcamps but I’m a mentor at Springboard and I’ve worked with many students that come from different backgrounds (without a specific degree related to design) and most of my mentees got a junior UX role a few months after the course. This was also before the career track (the course that didn’t come with the job guarantee). It’s true many have degrees but most aren’t related to design.

I’ve also worked with students who have a Master in HCI and I didn’t notice a big difference in terms of landing a job, except some of them are highly specialized and seek specialized roles which can take a little longer to find. Overall, it depends on many factors, location too, and also the exact career path you’re looking to pursue.

I’m going to drop here a link that I think it’s really useful, it’s a report by NNg on User Experience careers:

From that report, most of those professionals did have a degree even though the degrees were incredibly diverse. Also " Most of the remaining respondents with university diplomas held bachelor’s degrees and 1% had associate’s degrees."

Hope this helps! Good luck with your UX journey.

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