UX Boot Camps (Bloc vs Designlab vs Springboard vs CareerFoundry)

Ok I had that thought as well, glad I asked!
Would that be the same for Europe?

Not 100% sure for Europe. You can look at LinkedIn and see people’s education and see how it compares.

Thank you for all the insight!

Thank you so much for this post. It’s very helpful to compare bootcamps.
I need a bit help with deciding which bootcamp to go for.

I live in the Washington DC area. We have Generally Assembly here. I think Generally Assembly doesn’t offer Job Guarantee if you sign up part time. I can quit my job and do it full time but I’m actually concerned about the course’s cost.

On the other hand, there’s Design Lab ( UX Academy ) that costs much less and has job security for part time.

Is it worth paying more and going to General Assembly?, because with Design Lab, you get more projects for your portfolio.

If the course material and the program is better at General Assembly and I’ll have higher chances of getting a UX job, I don’t mind quitting my job and going full time at it.

Please let me know thank you.

@sh.uxdesign Welcome to the forum!

Normally, I would say an in-person boot camp is the best way to go. But if you are going part time, it doesn’t matter quite as much. I think FlatIron is in DC? I would choose Designlab over General Assembly. General Assembly is too rushed. :slight_smile: Just my 2 cents.

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So thankful for this thread. I am looking to transition from fashion design to UXUI.
I have heard it is a great field with an abundance of opportunity. (I live in Orange County ca- somewhat close to LA). But when I look at job listings in OC/la area , I don’t see much jobs asking for a “junior” ux ui Designer - maybe 3-4. I find that concerning. Even if I have a “good” portfolio, I am still competing with I’m sure tons of people for that one junior position. How really realistic is it to get a job as a junior ?

So I looked into Flatiron and I love it but they don’t have UX courses at their DC location.

So I have to go with either General Assembly or Design Lab.

Is General Assembly considered more prestigious?.
I can quit my job and go full time in class in General Assembly. Is it worth over Design Lab’s part time or full time course?.

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I would go with Designlab then. You get more projects and a one on one mentor can be very helpful. Plus they have a job guarantee. You might try Designlab part time and then see if you can switch to full-time if you want to or need to. The material is the same, just the timing is different.

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Most places don’t post junior jobs. You apply for almost anything that doesn’t say Lead or Senior. :slight_smile: Having a really strong portfolio and good interviewing skills will get you a job.

I feel a little bad posting this here, but I thought it might be helpful. FlatIron is hosting a virtual Q&A session about their UX Design Course. It will apply to both online and in-person courses. I’ll be running the Q&A. :smiley: If you have any questions, feel free to let me know!

Thanks for the reply!

Why do companies not post junior jobs? I’m curious about that. Is there just not a need for it ? How realistic is someone whose graduating from a bootcamp to obtain a mid level position ? (Let’s say I have a decent portfolio)

Hi @jdebari, I’m finishing up my final year in college and have recently decided that I want to pursue UX/UI design (I am more interested in UI design). I’m currently completing a biology degree, and I don’t want to try and change my major so close to graduation.

Do you think I should sign up for a bootcamp while I am still a full-time student so that I can apply to jobs before I graduate? Which bootcamp do you think would make it most plausible for me to balance school/work/bootcamp?

Also, I have open spaces in my schedule next semester to take any electives of my choice. What classes do you think I should sign up for that would aid in my learning of UX/UI?

Thank you!!

@Sleepnapforever, you’re expected to know what to do at the job. It definitely happens. Job descriptions are just really badly written and look pretty much the same for a lot of levels. It’s just getting your foot in the door.

This is why I am not a big fan of General Assembly, because, with only 10 weeks under your belt, I don’t feel most people are ready to go.

Hope that helps!

Welcome @mtpham! I wouldn’t sign up for a boot camp while still in school. Even the part-time ones are around 25 hours/week so it’s just too much. But if you can take electives, anything about Color, Typography, Design (not print, only digital) will be helpful.

Hope that helps!

Thank you for the advice!!

I’m so glad I stumbled upon this thread. Thanks to everyone who has contributed and especially to @jdebari

I’m considering taking a bootcamp but am unsure which road to go down. My intentions are probably slightly different to most in this thread.

I’m currently self-employed and would like to obtain new skills to freelance as well as have a greater understanding in building better and more complex sites for myself, though I’m not completely ruling out a full-time employment role. In any case, I would be in good stead if I freelanced to build up a portfolio before seeking full-time employment.

I currently build simple sites that are content driven and generate income through affiliate commissions and ads. I’ve inevitably studied and picked up some HTML, CSS, Javascript (along with SEO and PPC), and to a lesser extent, UI and UX principles over the years.

While I want to primarily focus on UX design, as it is what interests me most, I’m also planning on strengthening my front-end web development skills alongside taking a UX course and then focus on UI after.

Anyway, I’m unsure which bootcamp to take. I considered FlatIron but it seems like a very intensive, full-time course that doesn’t allow for any flexibility. It’s also much more expensive than the others at £12,500. I also considered Bloc, which has more emphasis on front-end development but doesn’t appear to go as deep in UX as others. I’ve therefore narrowed it down to Career Foundry and UX Design Institute.

Does anyone have any advice for:

  • Would CF or UXDI be the better choice?
  • How comprehensively should UI be studied if my main focus will be on UX? For example, looking at CF, they have an in-depth course called UI Design and a less comprehensive one called UI for UX Designers

@smithy, Welcome to the forum!

Base don what you said, I would consider Bloc. It’s not as thorough with the UX, but it’s not terrible. I think it would be a good tie in with the knowledge you already have. :slight_smile: You can also add to your knowledge with IDF, which I highly recommend. 9 Reasons to Join IDF and Learn UX Design: Get 3 months off your membership with the Interaction Design Foundation' | Interaction Design Foundation. There are also a couple of good courses on Udemy and Udacity. I would take the individual courses before enrolling in a boot camp.
User Experience Design Fundamentals | Udemy
User Experience (UX): The Ultimate Guide to Usability and UX | Udemy

As a freelancer, you’ll want to have a portfolio with breadth and have it look really polished. Each person’s situation is unique and needs to take different things into account. :slight_smile:

Let us know if you have more questions!

Makes sense, thanks for your input and recommendations!

I think I’m starting to lean more towards UI design at the moment. For freelancing at least it seems to be the better choice. If I want to focus on UI I’m wondering if it’s better to learn UX first and how in depth before specializing in UI?

Hi @jdebari! Thank you so much for such useful and structured information about UX courses! I was wondering if you could help me with advice as well! I have a digital marketing background, currently having a 2yrs career break, recently moved to London, UK, and I want to change my career to UX design. My first criteria for the best course would be an opportunity to land a job in the UK because I suppose it could be difficult for me to find a job in a new market on my own. Second - I would prefer an online course, because I have a baby (it’s easier to arrange, but if the course is in the campus, and it’s worth it, I would choose a campus vs online) So I was thinking between FlatIron, CF, and DL. My doubt though is that these providers are not so well-known in the UK and probably not so much in demand among UK employers. I have heard a lot about GA in the UK, but their stats on employment rate is not incredible, and I have a doubt regarding the course length. Also considering my background in digital marketing, would you be able to recommend any specific course for me?

@smithy, you don’t need to learn UX that in-depth to focus on UI. It is good to know the basics, but some Udemy or Coursera courses can fill that need easily.

Good luck!