Some thoughts on this community

I’m really loving the energy around here at the moment.

We have some new members who have some interesting challenges, and I love this kind of discussion starting topic.

Also an extra special shout-out to @jdebari and @lykc who are doing an amazing job of supporting new members.

I’d love to do something to harness some of this energy. Is there anything that I could do to help facilitate a deeper connection?

I have been considering another bookclub, or a team project but sometimes those things seem like a great idea at the outset but the reality of life and work means that they add pressure to our days and fall by the wayside.

Is there anything I could coordinate that would add value without pressure?

Even something as simple as a weekly check-in to keep us connected and to troubleshoot challenges. Or a weekly ‘icebreaker’ type topic so that we can get to know each other better.