What was your first job?


As floated in this topic, I’m going to begin a fun/informal topic each week so that we can have a laugh and get to know each other.

First up is: What was your first job?


My first job was a transcriptionist for my mother’s work (she was a market researcher) when I was in early high school. I had a tape player which I controlled with a food pedal. I’d listen to the tapes and type up a transcript.

It was incredibly monotonous but paid $15/hour (which was pretty good ~30 years ago) and in the process I learned to touch-type, which has proved invaluable for future jobs…


My first job was working for my mother, too. When I was 15, my parents opened an office supply store. I got paid $3.00 an hour, and I was grateful to get it. I’m jealous that you got paid so well.

While I was working with them, I also enrolled in a program that gave me educational credits. Because of that, I ended up graduating high school with a record high number of credits.

That’s as exciting as it gets. :slight_smile:


nice thread Hawk. Pretty cushty first jobs!

Mine was at 16, at McDonalds in central London = mega busy. This taught me the value of hard work, and working under immense pressure… and also what goes on behind the scenes in a fast food kitchen :scream:


Please don’t ever tell.


My first job was working as host for the Olive Garden. I was 14, and worked 15 hours a week after getting a work permit from my school (something that was required to work if you were under 16).

The very first day on the job, I was running a huge tray of food to a table when I tripped, spilling about a liter of marinara all over a wall. Thank goodness I missed the guests.


Yes. But the story would have been more exciting if you hadn’t.


I did manage to pour water over an entire table once - I missed the glass I was pouring into, and hit the table head-on. Water went everywhere, and soaked all four guests.

That wasn’t a fun day.


Graphic Designer, I did it for 6 months and I came to know about UX/UI Design from my mentor (friend).

What about you?


My first job was as a graphic designer but reaching this job is an interesting story.

I did my graduation in Bachelor of Engineering in IT. In my last year’s 6 months industrial training, I was supposed to take training in PHP but luckily the PHP guy was on leave so to keep students calm our head told us to attend Photoshop classes. That was my first site love with Photoshop. I was so fascinated by this tool that I decided to go in this career. But there is a twist, after two weeks, our head told us to attend .NET classes. The .NET guy when talked to me, he found that my logics are good so I should do programming (God knows how he figured out it). I told him that I have already decided to be in designing. He said don’t worry attend my classes for one week and soon you will love .NET. After every day when class gets over. He asks me “Are you getting .NET now?”. And I always said “No”. After 1 weeks, he got frustrated and said to me “Aditi! Until you put your feet in water, how will you get to know how to swim?” I said “But I don’t want to swim. I want to fly. Why you are pushing me in water when I want to touch the sky?”

Everybody was laughing in my class. But today I am happy that I took the right decision. :slight_smile:




When I was 15 I worked as a night janitor at a daycare. The smell of soggy cheerios still haunts me :stuck_out_tongue:

My first “real” (i.e., legal) job was working retail at a collectible store at the local mall. Shortly after I was hired the Manager and associate manager were fired for theft and I became the most senior person in the store. The hired a new manager, of course (I was only 16), but the whole situation was interesting to say the least.


and where do you work now?


I am working as UX/UI designer in Chandigarh.


My first job was working in a doughnut shop at the local shopping centre when I was 15. I worked there for four years every Friday night, all day Saturday and all day Sunday. It was messy, hard work and I went home covered in cinnamon sugar, doughnut batter and fryer fat every day. Frozen Coke was free for staff and I was addicted to the stuff. This was pre-diagnosis for me and I had many, many meltdowns - my colleagues called me ‘Crazy Ash’ to distinguish me from another team member named Ashleigh.

My first paycheque was an actual cheque - my boss switched to bank transfers maybe a month later - and it was for $32.00. I went and bought the Coyote Ugly soundtrack CD with it the second I cashed it. My dad was so mad at me!

At one point I was working the very early morning shift icing doughnuts with very hot - almost boiling- fondant. You kind of just drop a fresh but cooled doughnut in and then grip it around the edges with your finger tips and twist and lift it up in one motion. Then before the icing cools, you roll the doughnut in sprinkles. I still have very weak and thin fingernails to this day from doing this!

This is also where I learned why you shouldn’t put foil in the microwave.


Excellent knowledge to have.


I am from punjabi but working in noida :joy:


My first job was a summer job in a “beach” library (it was kind of a “portable” concept) here in Portugal. I was 14, and during my shift I was basically reading all the time. Then when my shift ended, I’d go to the actual beach. It was pretty fun! :smiley:


Landscaping and digging ditches. Getting paid under the table as a teenager for home renovators. Growing up in a trailer park in backwoods FL so there were no options but manual labor.


And yet, here you are! Welcome