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This is a wiki topic – anyone can edit it. The idea is to build a list of members, along with their experience, areas of expertise etc so that we can connect with the right people when we have questions.

Please fill in as much or little as you feel comfortable with, in the following format (feel free to add other info if necessary):

Name and username
Years of Experience in UX
Geographic Location
Areas of expertise
Areas of interest

Katrine Pedersen @katrine_pedersen
5 years of UX experience. I have worked in a start-up firm being the only UX’er, in the banking industry where security, laws and politics have a big impact, a short time as a freelancer and I’m now working at Visma. Also worked as a Business Developer for 1,5 year to get insights within the business field.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Areas of expertise:

  • Company Culture and spreading the spirit of UX
  • Idea generation and concept development
  • Being able to transform data/insights into to action
  • Facilitating
  • Ensuring/Establishing a cross-functional collaboration within a firm

Areas of interest:

  • Service Design and how everything can have an impact on the end result
  • Design systems and their value
  • Process optimisation and group dynamics

Sarah Hawk @HAWK
4 years at UX Mastery in a community management and advisory role.
.net developer for 15 years prior to that.
Auckland, NZ
Getting started in UX, portfolios
Cognitive psychology, split testing

Name/username: Danielle Shoshani @dshoshani89
Years of Experience: UX newbie (career change after 5+ years of experience in tech marketing)
Geographic Location: San Francisco, California
Areas of expertise: Market research, competitive analysis, and branding
Areas of interest: Usability testing, user research, cognitive psychology, facilitating workshops, enterprise UX, user personas, journey mapping, prototyping

Glad to join the UX Mastery community and looking forward to connecting! :slight_smile:

Ashlea McKay @AshleaMcKay
6 years of UX experience across both public and private sectors
Canberra, Australia
User Research, UX Advice (UX Agony Aunt co-founder), Neurodiversity, Content, IA
Inclusion UX and societal relevance projects

Luke Chambers @Lukcha
14 years of experience in user-centred design, 5 years running UX Mastery
Melbourne, Australia
Skills in user research, team facilitation and teaching.
Interested in product strategy, cognitive psychology, storytelling, design ethics

Michael Schofield @irreferential
5 Years Exp. Leading a UX Dept (maybe 7 total)
Ft. Lauderdale, FL, U.S.
Design systems, evangelism (“making the case”), and quantitative research
Interested in: lately, service design and dreaming-up UX tools and techniques

Doug Collins @dougcollins
6 years of UX experience
Denver, Colorado
Design Systems, Company Culture, Team Leadership
Career Development, Pattern Libraries, Physical-World UX Problems, and Optimistic Design

Luke Smith - @StudyOfPeople
10+ years’ experience in UX
Midwest USA - Corn belt!
Customer requirements, pre-design modeling
Lean research - affordable discovery and secondary research, testing things that aren’t obvious or easily evaluated

Jaison Justus @jaisonjustus
Three years as Designer & four years as Programmer
Bangalore, India
Designing software systems and interface
Psychology, User Research, Graphic Design

Jacqui Dow @jacquidow
6 year experience in UI design, gradually moving into UX over the past 2 years
Midlands, UK
UI Design, web apps, usability testing
Usability testing, accessibility,

Sarah Gagnon @desertcoder
1 year experience in UX (primarily Business Analyst), now moved into UX Research
Phoenix, AZ USA
Requirements, use cases
Humanistic design

Luigi Rossini @dopamino
+10 years of experience in UX
Zurich, CH
UX deliverables (lo-fi deliverables, hi-fi deliverables)
HCD approach, accessibility topics, Agile and UX

Catherine Roebuck – @croebuck

  • 3 years experience as a web developer with UX emphasis
  • Meridian,ID USA
  • Web development, currently using Jekyll. Usability testing.
  • Psychology, usability testing, accessibility

(Name withheld) – @klaatu

  • AppleSeed Projects over a five-year period, including feedback to the Seed Team on limited availability builds of versions 1 and 2 of Feedback Assistant – before those products were made more broadly available, by the Team, to non-public projects for prerelease builds of Mac OS X (long before Apple Beta Software Program became public)
  • the AppleSeed emphases – on user experience and on quality – had a lasting impression, I like to bring those emphases to my work with open source communities.

Dave Martin – @startlaunch

  • 18 years experience
  • Apex, NC
  • UX. UI/Product design, Front-end code, Growth, Managing designers

I’m an old-timer. I’ve been around the block. I’m interested in giving back. Happy to help. Please feel free to hit me up on any number of topics. I’m happy to weigh in on anything.

Crystal Sundaramoorthy – @crystal_sundara
1 year experience shadowing a UX Design team at a large financial services company.
MSIT HCI Student at UNC Charlotte
Day job is a Systems Engineer and looking for an internal User Research or UX Design opportunity
Charlotte, NC
Skills in User Research, Design Workshops
Interested in Enterprise UX, User Research, Emerging Technology, Cognitive Science

Rachel Reveley @rachelreveley
14 years in web design and front end dev + 1 specifically in UX
Bristol, UK
Ecommerce, web, responsive, visual design

Dean Birkett @dean
7 years experience
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
T-shaped with a main focus on Accessibility

Ragad Allwihan @ragadallwihan
@Rallwihan , @HCIArabia
PhD degree in HCI (7th Years)
Saudi Arabia
Areas of expertise : HCI, UX, UI
Areas of interest: Mobile HCI / HCI in Higher Education

Name and username : Vinayak Kulkarni / @artynest
Years of Experience in UX / 4 years
Geographic Location : India Pune
Areas of expertise : HTML / CSS / PHOTOSHOP
Areas of interest : Usability Expert

Joni Langdale / @jlang
5 years experience as a Graphic Designer for print and digital.
Scotland, UK
Graphic Design, cognitive psychology, design thinking.
Front end development, User research, User testing, Using Personas, Strategy

Bruno Katekawa / @brunokatekawa
1.5 years of experience in UX and 5 years as System Analyst
Brazil, SP
Expertise: User research, user testing, usability, requirements analysis and gathering
Interested in: UX, UI, Service Design, Usability, User Centered Design

Laura Caroline - @lauraparker253
UX newbie
Sydney, Australia
Areas of interest: mobile, ecommerce, user research

Stephanie Pratt - @stephaniempratt
5+ years
Washington, DC, USA
Expertise: Research, Usability Testing, Prototyping
Interested in: Psychology, Behavioral Economics, Strategy

Duncan Gibbs @duncanhgibbs
20 years web UI design, 2 years UX
Seattle, WA, U.S.
Expertise: Web/mobile UI/IA, Usability/Accessibility
Interest: Design leadership, building UX teams

Jakkii Musgrave - @jakkii
5 years UX experience
Sydney, Australia
User research, facilitation, design artefacts, content, IA, strategy
Anthropology, sociology, psychology, UX of communities, emerging technologies, employee experience, cognitive computing & AI

Suki Beg @sookie61
London, UK
9 years research and design experience, although the last four have been primarily research
expertise : search , cross- cultural , brand, and ecommerce user experience research information architecture, journey mapping, facilitating workshops, combining quantitative and qualitative methods .

Interests: mental models, service design

Chloe Karr @sockmonkeyrevolt
Omaha, NE US
11 years experience, Voice User Interface design and usability. I’ve also been custom coding our Visio-based design tool for the last 3 years.
Interests: information architecture, personas, journey mapping, design artefacts, design tools, speech interfaces and AI; cross-cultural, generational and regional design.

Aura Moser @auramoser
2 Years in UX, 6 years in game UI art
San Francisco, CA USA
Visual Design, Icons, UI art, UX, Animation, illustration
Mobile Games, User Centered Design, Storyboarding, Typography, Iconography

Trey Roady @treyroady
6 years, Human Factors Engineering research towards completing doctorate.

College Station, TX

Expertise: Cognitive, Organizational, and Physical Ergonomics; Haptics; Novel interfaces; Systems Engineering, and HCI.

Areas of Interest: Social capitalism, behavior management, professional ethics, error management, and non-authoritarian distributed systems.

Sally Anderson @sally
Experience: 10 years experience; UX focused last 4
Location: Dallas, TX, USA
Expertise: Visual Design; branding; information architecture; mobile design; UX; development
Areas of Interest: Interfaces; mobile design; ecommerce

Ruth Ellison @ruth
15+ years of experience in UX and design research
Canberra, Australia
Skills in user research, accessibility, design facilitation, teaching, service design, managing teams.
Interested in cognitive psychology, product management, culture

Goran Licanin - @goran_licanin

  • Experience: 10 years; last 3 UX oriented.
  • Location: Oklahoma City, USA
  • Expertise: visual design, UX strategy, interaction design, user research, rapid prototyping. M.S. in psychology, with expertise in cognitive assessment.
  • Interests: Lately, motion design. I’m interested in all things design, psychology and finding ways to make people’s lives better.

Feel free to hit me up with any questions - always happy to give back to the community (and to learn lots in the process).

Jason - @jasonpang18
Experience: 3 years in Digital Design and 2 years in UX research and design
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Expertise: Visual and UI design, user research, service design, data and analytics and trends and strategy mapping
Areas of interest: Anthropology, UX and UI mentoring and interaction design

Am currently leading the UX and design team in a SaaS company, also used to work and partner with numerous corporate and government organisations. Feel free to ask me any questions :smiley:

Sarah @sarah_paz
UX Newbie
Toronto, ON
Currently working in eCommerce, web development
Interested in usability, user research, ux design, web development, interaction design, and hopefully connecting with a mentor. :wink:

Mary Pat Cottengim (mpcottengim)
Four (4) Years of Experience in UX after 30+ years in software and systems engineering
Geographic Location is roughly Rochester NY, USA
Areas of expertise: Usability Testing, IEC62366
Areas of interest:

  • Effective use of User Personas in the design, development, and testing of products
  • Wireflows (Wireframes + Workflows) to facilitate discussions
  • UX Metrics that help to illustrate UX ROI (return on investment)
    UX fascinates me with the challenges it presents and the rewards it provides. Happy to be a part of this UX Mastery community!

Carlos Mendoza @carlos_mendoza
5 years of UX experience in private sectors.
Before, 4 years like Front End Developer.

–> From Lima, Peru

  • Expertise: User Research (I want to impove this), Interaction Design, IA
  • Mental Models, Change Behavior, IA, AI, Anthropology, UX Management

I’m currently leading the UX team in a Experience Design Firm in Peru.
I will be happy to help and learn.

Jie Zangs @mijiejie
10+ years Illustrator, 2 years Graphic&Web Design, UX Newbie
Minneapolis, MN

  • Areas of expertise : Illustration, ( Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign), Visual Design,
  • Areas of interest: User Research, IA, User Centered Design, Cross-platform Design, Usability Testing, Accessibility, Motion Design, Management

I’m really interested in breaking into UX field and looking for a mentor. :slight_smile:

Josh Freivogel @josh_freivogel
5 minutes
Product Management
User Research, working on my own and being supportive of others’ side
projects, homebots

Alper Çilingir @alper
10+ years in UX/UI Design, web, mobile, software tools
Started in Visual Communication and Graphic Design
Three years in Industrial Design
Berlin, Europe
UX/UI Design, Design Research, Design Language System
Design Language System, Service Design, Prototyping, IoT, AI communication, Typography

Rumasa Noor
3 months of experience in UX/UI
Started with journalism, then worked as a newspaper designer, and now looking to find work in UX Design
Based in Chicago area
Area of expertise: InDesign, Usability testing, Prototyping, Marvel, Icons
Working knowledge of: Illustrator, Photoshop, Axure, Sketch, HTML
Interested in: User flows, IA, UI

Weiyun Hsu @weiyun_ux
3 years of experience in UX, including information architecture, user research, user testing, wireframing, prototyping.
I’m traveling around and looking for a new opportunity right now.

• I’ve done desktop/mobile websites, native apps, infographics for a variety of financial, insurance, airline industries.
• I’ve been working with people from more than 25 countries, so I’m interested in the cultural difference.
• Having many experiences to design a whole new platform from scratch, I’m good at information architecture.
• My products have been serving hundreds of millions of users and have contributed to daily business growth.

In my free time, I like swimming, listening Jazz, gardening, cooking and lettering. Welcome talk to me if you’re a big fan of these stuffs as well :slight_smile:

Colombia, South America
Psychologist MA in social research
UX research, design research, qualitative research, industrial design

Ana Santos @me03
4 years of experience in agency and in-house (corporate) roles + freelance projects
Lisbon, Portugal
Areas of expertise: Expert / heuristic reviews, competitive analysis, website optimization, prototyping & wireframing, conversion rate optimization, A/B testing
Areas of interest: Cognitive psychology, UX workshops, User research, Usability testing

Aimen Awan @aimenawan
I am from Pakistan and currently studying Information Experience Design at Pratt Institute, Newyork City. Before starting my masters, I worked as a UI/UX designer and my expertise are in prototyping and wireframing.

Rob, ref_design
~6, finished degree in 2012
Shanghai, CN
Most of my career has been in tech, biotech, and hospitality. Just started in museum/expo design.
UX procedure, methodology, UI design

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