@neonester you wanted… I provided :grin:

Lets discuss cake! Favourite cakes, good cake recipes, unusual ingredients… whatever takes your fancy!

(This is on the back of another topic that turned into cake !!) :cake:

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like the Space Cake?


What’s a space cake??

I was thinking along the lines of courgette in brownies! Or using beetroot!


It is a “traditional” Amsterdam cake…never mind

it sounds so cool!
I’m available as user tester


Ah! ‘Space’ cake!! I get it now! (That’s me being nice and naive!)


awesome … like the potato cake or the avocado cream topping, the most unusual I ever had :slight_smile:


I think the title of the thread could be considered Clickbait heh heh


But who wouldn’t want to read about cake :slight_smile:

(We had chocolate brownies in the office today and my god were they good!)


I like the idea of baking but because I work from home, alone, it would be a fast track to obesity.


Bake mug cakes??


I don’t like cake all that much. I prefer cookies. More specifically, sweet, spicy and crispy gingerbread.


I love gingerbread! Unfortunately I suffer from tmj disorder and can’t eat anything solid at the moment :slightly_frowning_face: Have you tried ginger cake?

I’m currently eating what can only be described as a mug of melted chocolate!! It’s amazing!


Just had to google that. Sounds awful – you poor thing!


It’s particularly bad at the moment. Pain killers work most of the time but I’m getting injections in December, which should make a big difference :grinning:


That doesn’t sound pleasant at all!

If you ever visit Sweden I recommend you try these


You hardly need to chew them… they just melt on your tongue.

It will dry up your mouth pretty quickly though. :slight_smile:


Are they cinnamon wafers?? They look amazing!!


No, it’s gingerbread. A literal translation would be “pepper cookies”, but in the days of olde “pepper” was used for all sorts of exotic spices. In this recipe it’s mainly ginger, cinnamon and cloves.


Nice!! They look and sound amazing!

I had a Herman friendship cake for a while and that recipe involved a lot of cinnamon! :heart:


It sounds delicious!