Your Daily UX Practice, 30 days challenges, or other practical ways to build your skills?



anybody have a good daily practice for fine tuning your UX skills? Especially when you don’t have an active project to work on? For example, do you try to do write up user stories for other products, do a user flow of another site, try to define a product theme of another product, do a customer journey of another product or service?


I don’t have a daily practice as such, but I did sign up for DailyUI. Though I do not get the time to work on it everyday, I do work on them when I get time. It has helped out greatly with my UI design skills. But the 30 day challenge sounds like a fantastic idea, and I will begin with one.

Along with working on projects, another important thing to do is reflect on what you did.
So to satisfy this, I took up blogging. My goal is to write at least 1 blog post each week. (I post here). Additionally, I do work on personal projects by myself and with others just to get that experience - and these goals are on a monthly basis as well.


I love this question (and welcome to the community @laciwhite48 – glad you joined us).

I quite like the idea of doing online courses in related topics when I have downtime. There are so many great short courses (lots of which are free or very cheap).

We have quite a long list of courses that we want to take and review for our site. If you’re looking for a way to extend yourself and you enjoy writing, we’d be happy to provide you with free access to something that you’re interested in, in return for a review that we can publish.


Thanks for the thoughts!

I like the idea of blogging. Writing has been on my list of to do’s. Fear at times that I’m not enough of an expert, so I get action paralysis. Just about targeting the right audience I suppose.

Regarding UI, I have seen that, but that isn’t what I am looking for. I am thinking journey maps, complex flows, strategy, user stories, storytelling for UX, product themes, literature reviews, market research, storyboards, content strategy, scenarios, etc.

I find it difficult to flex practice these methods on products I’m not directly involved as there is so much information I am missing, and to me being great at UX means thinking in terms of systems.

I also find that many meetups etc are too topical or geared toward absolute beginners. cc @HAWK


Thanks, Hawk. Glad I did as well.

That sounds like a wonderful opportunity and would love to take you up on it! Can you share a backlog with me and any content guidlines etc? I have a several paid courses/lectures I have yet to watch myself.


For sure.

You can see the published ones here. The majority of them are mine but we’ve had guest writers in more recent times. @AshleaMcKay from the community here has done a couple for us.

If, after reading a couple of those, you’re still interested, DM me and we’ll talk details. :slight_smile: