Would it be useful to have a member register with interests/experience level etc?


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Would it be useful to have one that acts as a member register where people list their career stage / length of experience / type of experience / special interest etc?

That way it might be easier for both you and me to address the appropriate people when there are questions.

Thoughts? If yes, what info would be helpful to include?


This would be helpful.

I’m thinking having these fields could work:

Name / username
Currently working with / Title
Years of work Exp in UX
Portfolio link
Interested in mentoring newbies (Y/n)


I’m totally in for that. I sometimes feel like a guy who has totally lost track. I’d be interested in connecting with people who are more experienced and at a better career stage than someone like me, a beginner. Sometimes if I have a question about an interaction design, googling to the ages doesn’t help.

I think info that says, available for number of hours per week, number of mentees accepting, field of interest in mentoring can be added.


In this particular case we’re talking about general members here, rather than mentors.
i.e. you’d put your name down and any areas you are experienced in or passionate about, so that others with a challenge in that area know whose brains to pic.

Would that still be useful for you?


Aah gotchya, it absolutely will be. In addition,

  1. I think may be an asking recommendation system like what Quora does will be incredibly valuable. Ex: If i post a question I get people to ask to answer or A2A to a person who is great at that particular topic.
  2. May be badges that showcase the expertise on a particular topic.


We can totally do this. Or groups. Or custom profile fields.


I like this idea Hawk. Having the separation and extra info would be extremely useful especially for people who are newer here and don’t know many of us.