World Cup Interface with great UX


I know it´s maybe offtopic but as soccer world cup is near I want to ask if somebody knows a great interface related to the worldcup.
I am searching for an interface community where I can pass a good time with my friends all over the world.
So I am talking about betting, chatting, playing, … together for passing a good time together

Somebody knows an interface offering a great experience?


Hi Georg, I’ve set up a league with superbru for family and friends, its just score predicting so no need to have massive team knowledge. We have used it for previous Rugby Competitions. The set up is pretty easy to follow and you can message each other.


Thx Paddy, looks quite interesting :slight_smile:

I also found an additional interface and game concept. It´s called comunio and you have to buy and to sell single players.
So you can have in one team players from multiple teams. They have also an forum and in each community the opportunity
to make conversation with other players of your group.
After the games you get point depending on the performance of each player.


Have fun!


This is just for fixtures, but I like what they are doing here: