Why did you join this community?


That may sound like a bit of a strange question, but I’m genuinely interested.
It would be incredibly helpful if you’d take 1 minute to tell me in as much detail as you can, why you joined this community and what you are looking to get out of it.

Even if you joined out of curiosity and don’t really know what you were expecting, that answer is helpful too.



At first I wasn’t too sure what I was expecting when I joined up. I think having the resources, somewhere I could ask questions if the need arose, and to be able to chat, or even just read comments from people in this field. As with mentors, a wealth of knowledge and insights can be gained by others, so leaving the opportunity open for this to happen is always a good idea :).
It is reassuring that if I have trouble with some aspect, or need some help, I could post it on here, and within days can have helpful responses from others, or even to be pointed in the right direction.

Hope this helps.



I joined because my career is eighteen-months old. I’m still little and need mentoring to help me grow. I use the other resources on this site quite a bit and when I found the community I was very excited! I work for a government agency. One that does UX quite well, but is really just one organisation - in one country. It’s easy to become quite sheltered and I recognise the value in seeking mentors outside my workplace and overseas to learn about different experiences. :slight_smile:


Hi, I had been subscribed to the UXMastery newsletter and joined up from that. What I was really looking for is help, a two way conversation. While UX may be well established else where, from where I’m sitting its not and the community is a way of reaching other people at the same or higher level within UX. For me its all about the interaction. P


I had also subscribed to the UXMastery Newsletter and joined from there. I’m very new to UX and have just been given the title of “UX Designer”, working with a team of three developers. I’m currently enrolled in the UX Design course at GA Assembly in Sydney (12 Saturdays) and am hoping to learn enough to be able to live up to my new title. I joined to learn as much as I could from other people with experience.