Who are your Design role models?


I actually don’t have any designers that I follow or look up to.Well none that come to mind straight away. it’s really strange. I have innovators and leaders but no designers
Who are yours and what are their accomplishments. Any field of design not just UX.
Name them! (Please don’t say Steve Jobs, I will cringe)


Donald Norman and Steve Krug. Also Jared Spool.


Nice thanks!
In what way are they your role models? Apart from their books. Do you follow their every moves, have they made achievements that are now on your bucketlist?


I don’t follow their every moves nor do I base my career goals on their achievements. I just want to make the world a better place through UX. I could care less about achievements and accolades.


im a bit the same, in terms of individual designers, not so much. But in terms of design groups, i look up to the work done by Disney, Pixar, Studio Ghibli, Nike etc


So in what way are they role models then? I don’t think you’re considering them as role models but rather interesting individuals


true, in the digital design era I think one person is hard to look up to, rather groups .Thanks for your input.


Gotta love Don and Steve. I’ve witnessed Jared being a jerk for no particularly good reason, and it severely impacted my opinion of him.

I’m a big fan of @joenatoli, who shows up here on occasion and is an amazing, knowledgeable, and positive professional.


Oh yeah? What did Jared do?


Joe Natoli’s a big fan of yours as well, Mr. Collins. :wink: