Where is everyone?


It’s quiet around here this week. What’s everyone up to?


It’s release week here, so I’ve been up to my nose in refinement meetings and new feature designs. Also working on 4(!) UX tests at the moment.

It’s been a bit of a week.


I’m also busy work too. Currently looking for a new gig, conducting surveys and interview for a product idea. And as a gap filler, I’m re-design the website with my writings, designs and playlist.

But sometimes I visit here and post some answers which I can answer quickly :slight_smile:


I’m always wary of posting things like this online, should anyone from my current company see this.

That said, how is the search going?


Hahaha True. I just started searching for projects. And I don’t have much idea about getting remote contracts. One way I thought of is to apply to Toptal network. And digging more options.

Do you have any thought to share regarding this?


I can’t remember who posted this a while back, but here’s a list of remote-friendly companies around the globe:


'twas me!


I think I should just follow up this phrase with “but it was probably @HAWK” from now on :slight_smile:


Had a design release due today. Was working around the clock for that. Now got some breathing space :slight_smile:


Just got home from seeing Budapest (incredible city, by the way) and Sziget, a festival in Hungary, but I am back now!

[details=Want a few pictures from my vacation? Expand this!]



There is a total solar eclipse happening in the US on Monday so a lot of people out camping and getting ready for that. :smile:


Forging a new path and navigating into an uncertain future - a normal week.


Also job hunting… looking to make the leap from UI to UX, had a few promising interviews. Wish me luck!


Exciting! Good luck.

This session might be of use to you: https://uxmastery.com/what-ux-recruiters-are-looking-for/

It’s a couple of weeks away.


Thank you Sarah, I will check it out!


What part of the world are you in?


Sydney, Australia : )


Cool – the recruiter mentioned above is in Melbourne but I believe they have offices all over Australia so it would be worth connecting with him in the session if you can.


I’m getting my UX legs back. I’ve missed everyone. My semester from hell finally ended and my brain has been recovering.


Yay! Great to see you back!