Where do you get your stock art?


I’m managing a blog site and we churn through stock art. https://pixabay.com/ is brilliant.
Any other good options?


I get many of my images from Flickr. If you use their advanced search and set it to creative commons commercial use, you can find tons of great images.

Here are some lists of other free image sites:




Brilliant, thanks @Lennon_Rubin

I asked the same question at another community and got some great results, listed below for future posterity.

[SIZE=14px]There is this awesome list that was just published on Medium: [/SIZE]https://medium.com/@dustin/stock-photos-that-dont-suck-62ae4bcbe01b



Bigstockphoto.com used to be pretty good - most of the photos aren’t too posed with shining white teeth.

I have a few chums on DeviantArt that have been useful.

And there is a great book called Exactitudes, by Ari Versluis and Ellie Uyttenbroek that has some online resources I use for personas and friendly people.


Hey guys,
I just wanted to pipe up and say I found this thread really useful! I tend to just photograph things myself if I need an image and that isn’t always the greatest solution. I use Wix for my blog/website and it comes with a bunch of free stock photos that I use for that.


I agree with Ash! Thanks guys :slight_smile:
It took us aaages to find acceptable images we could use for our personas that weren’t too staged, which seems to be the problem with a lot of the stock photos I come across.
Nice to get a list of resources to use for next time!


There’s this one as well http://thestocks.im/


I actually use http://www.flaticon.com/ as the simple style of icons suits the featured image style for my studio blog. They’re free to use, but if you have a subscription you don’t have to credit the author.


@Paul_Murray I also like the https://thenounproject.com/ for icons.


Agreed @Lennon_Rubin the noun project is amazing for icons!


Hi We us this site at work. serves most needs. http://www.thinkstockphotos.com/ p


Does anyone take their own photos for personas? I used to be adamant about this, but now I seem to prefer the privacy and ability to summarise of stock images. I still take portraits of participants as part of contextual enquiry, but otherwise other people on the project don’t really get to see the real people.


Lots of great suggestions :slight_smile:
I also use https://www.dollarphotoclub.com/ and flickr.


I’ve just started using pixabay like you @HAWK and I think it’s amazing!


I use Vecteezy & Freepik.


Getty Images is not cheap by any means but when you want good quality images they are great place to start. You should also be able to get some great freebies from the U.S. Library of Congress.


I just can’t justify paying the ridiculous amount that Getty charge when there are so many other cheap or free options around. I don’t mind paying money for someone else’s image, but the discrepancy in pricing seems hard to justify.