Whats our equivalent of "Full Stack Developer"


I once joked about how I’m a full stack designer because my employer was surprised at my passion and experience for everything involved in the design of something.
Not that I want to use it. But do we/should we have something? Or are we shooting ourselves in the foot… hehe


Could you be more specific?

UX Designer is a pretty all-encompassing term, that can include everything from research to code, but it doesn’t have to. Print design, branding design, and marketing probably fall outside of the UX umbrella.


ive seen full stack designer used before, and to be honest i find it a bit cringe lol

full stack makes more sense in dev as they refer to technology stacks. Design doesn’t really use that terminology?

But to anser your q, if you’re talking about a UXer with skills in both UX research and UX design, then maybe UX consultant or UX generalist?

Or if you’re thinking UX and UI, then UX/UI designer is a common title used


Yeah lately I’ve been watching a lot off offers like “We are hiring. We are searching for Full Stack Designer or Full Stack UX”… requeriments, apart of UX/UI Design, now we have to know how to progamming this… c’mon! really? that’s make no sense.

But I think this kind of redactions are done by someone of HHRR who don’t know really what UX, UI or UX/UI Designers do.

Maybe is this the future what we are waiting for? I don’t know… I don’t like close doors but learn UX, UI and developt this is a kind weird… they are differents disciplines.

For now I just delete this options but…


@jdebari I’m specifically referring to research+ experience design + interface design + visual design


@ari_rahmati, all of that is considered UX Design or Product Design. The pieces you spell out can be specialties or niches, but all of those tasks fall to the UX Designer.


I totally agree. That’s what I stick with. The markete seems to think otherwise by fragmenting ux design into differnet roles. but hey, cest la vie :slight_smile: