What would you tell a new UXer?


What is your number 1 tip for anyone trying to start out in UX? How would you stand out in an interview?


Be curious and be extremely open to learning and hearing new perspectives.


I think a big thing is not to focus on the acronym “UX”. If someone in an interview was to bang on about how enthusiastic they were about “UX”, it would scream to me “this person is trying to ride a wave”. I would rather hear that the candidate is interested in solving interesting design problems, or hear a personal story that illustrates why they feel that creating good experiences is so important to them (e.g. a damning account of a UX fail with a company of which they were a customer, or an amazing experience that they had, which helped them beyond their expectations).


Trying to start and work in ux: Work hard, be passionative and innovative, keep realistic in adaption of Ux in processes, be a problem solver. Never stop learning! Begin with small steps that make people believe in you and the methods of ux Interview: The challenge in an interview is selling the application of ux in interviewers language :slight_smile: You have to make them believe in you. Arguments need do change depending how broad is his UX knowledge of the interviewer. Additionally important is which area of expertise he comes from, which role he has in his company Everybody has a kind of perceptional filter just listening to what he wants to hear. Challenge is to pass this filter.


This is what I tell the new design grads at work: Say yes to every opportunity that comes along! Don’t refuse to try something new because you think it’s too hard or you’re scared you’ll fail. Challenge yourself and accept that it’s ok to make mistakes provided you learn from them. Just be open and don’t over-think it.