What type of UX are you ? Should we segment our expertises?

Hi guys ! First, we hope that you are all safe in these crazy times.

Currently working on a project with fellow UX from around the World.
We’ d love to hear what you think about it.

The pitch :

  1. We are all UX designers but all come from different backgrounds & have different expertises.
  2. We are all UX designers but all do different things on the design value chain.
  3. All named likewise, thus competing against each other although we all have different expertises.

This goal, segmenting UX into super granular expertises in order to :

  • Differentiate our profiles,
  • Reduce competition between us
  • Regulate demand and offer of our skills
  • & finally secure better salaries.

The link is in the pict attached. Capture d’écran 2020-04-14 à 10.15.46
Working hard to ship the beta very soon!

What do you think about it?

All the best,
Antoine & Co.

Can I ask, is this not different to having specialists in different fields? Which already exist?

Many designers segment themselves by showcasing their skills and how they go about their processes. Th

I also market myself on tools and dashboards. I enjoy working on complex, unique systems.

Hi David & thanks for your interest.

The title “What type of UX are you” is a more of a hook. Determining the inner nature of a designer would be arbitrary proceeding so and not scientific at all.

As you said, more than segmenting by Title, it is more about differencing each other by skills i.e. strengths & weaknesses at a very granular level. Currently, there is no “standard” for evaluation which makes it very difficult to position ourselves on the market and to have a clear picture of the distribution of our expertises. I let you extrapolate on all the consequences.

That’s why we have decided, with other fellow UX, specialized in their own disciplines to tackle this pain point.

Make sure to sign-up, we are working hard with the team to make something useful for all our UX buddies. Capture d’écran 2020-04-14 à 10.15.46



Sounds interesting.

My personal point of view however, leans more towards there being a wide variety of roles within UX, already giving designers an expertise/speciality. Do you drill down per speciality? Or just for non-specialist UX designers, who take a product from concept to final delivery?