What tools does the industry want?

So I’m currently half way through a bachelors in user experience and I’ve been looking at job boards. My professors have been saying they think Adobe XD will take over the market but a lot of companies seem to want Figma or Sketch. What have you seen in use in your practice? I understand these are just tools and can be learned I am just wondering where to focus most of my portfolio.

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Learn them all. The more you know, the more valuable you will be to employers.


At my last job I used JustInMind and Sketch. At my current job we use Axure. I use Adobe XD and Balsamiq on my personal projects.

Here’s the thing: it doesn’t matter so much that you learn all of them (and really, don’t try - there will always be something bigger and better coming up.) What matters is that you know how to use one of them, and use it well. I’m not going to fret if we’re a Sketch shop and you know Axure really, really well. So many of the concepts and techniques transfer over that learning a new mockup program is simply a matter of learning the syntax and button sequences.

And I figure if you learned one well, you can learn another as well, given some time and guidance.


I would also have a look at UXtweak - it is a new platform but has a great combination of features and huge potentional in my opinion.

I agree with you! There are enormous user experience tools including Adobe XD namely Sketch, Figma, Affinity Designer, Balsamiq Wireframes and others. You can make a list and finally choose which to learn.