What is your favorite main dish comfort food?


Mine is chicken and dumplings. Not the dumplings that are cooked in broth similar to noodles. I like it when biscuit dough is dropped on top of the broth and cooked there, floating on top.

Unfortunately, I haven’t mastered the dish myself. :frowning:


Ironically, this is my favourite comfort food. Wonton noodle soup.


My mum makes this chicken marinade out of greek yoghurt and a particular powdered soup mix (can’t remember which one) and she skewers the pieces and cooks them under the grill and they come out with a thick, solid, neon yellow coating on them and it’s the perfect balance of sour, creamy and spicy. It’s very hard to describe but it’s delicious. I think it’s from a Women’s Weekly cookbook.


I cook every. It’s always at least dinner, but a lot of times it’s breakfast and dinner.

With my wife nursing and at her lowest weight ever and with me running a lot more than I ever have, any guilt I had about making comfort food at night is gone. Our current difficulty is that my son is allergic to dairy, wheat, and eggs, so anything that I make for her has to be safe for our son, too.

It’s changed my definition of what comfort food is, in the short term at least. My current favorite breakfast is pancakes (made with gluten free flour and soy milk) with made-from-scratch strawberry sauce, bacon, fruit salad, and coffee. Dinner is either tri tip steak frites with green beans or jambalaya. Dessert has to be a peach cobbler that I make with fresh peaches and cornbread.

At this point, I’m pretty confident my wife just keeps me around for the cooking.


Pretty sure it’s really because you’re cute as a button.


D’aww shucks :slight_smile: