What is UX?


What is UX?

An interface, a visual, your thoughts for any product.
I guess lot of people interpret UX in different ways.
What say?


You’ve hit one of the core problems with this emerging career field. I would say most people don’t know or fully understand what UX is. Many employers have heard UX as a buzzword, and are just beginning to recognize UX as an important aspect of the design and development process. As a result, UX is often confused with UI, and many people taking on UX roles end up doing more UI work than anything else.

The basic answer I go with is “User Interface is the controls you use when working with a website/piece of software/etc. User Experience is how you feel about using those controls.”

I took this idea and ran with it in my blog post for today, which goes into more depth if you’re interested.


This post I wrote as UX Agony Aunt pretty much sums up what I say :slight_smile:


I like how you explain it there Ash, because you take to focus off digital experiences. I think people forget that UX doesn’t have to be about software. Reminds me of this article that @natalie_eustace1 wrote for us a while back.


You have given a wonderful example. Must read :slight_smile:


User Experience is the emotional and interactive connection that people have with software.

“God I love SnapChat” - emotion
"I can’t ever figure out how to use Salesforce" - interaction
"Whenever I click this button it stops working" - interaction
"So burned out on Facebook" - emotion


Here is a good article about UX designer work, and i think you will find there answers on all your questions, http://agentestudio.com/blog/what-is-ux-designer.


I think that a good way to understand the UX is to start with the guy that invented the term “UX”


@dopamino He looks like the grandpa of the profession. Kind, welcoming, knowledgeable.



I’ve always been taken by visionary people. I believe he’s one of them.
In the huge sea of ux definitions, ux assumptions, ux methodologies and ux point of views, I look at him as a lighthouse!


I love him! there are a lot of videos of him around… he’s just a cool speaker!


a bunch of videos trying to fulfill the big question:


I think we can say UX it’s the user experience outcome related with something he has to do. It’s about knowing how well or bad is the experience of interaction of a person with an object, app or service. And to discover and influence that experience it’s necessary to follow a method and embrace a number of disciplines.


I got to see him talk in London at the NNG usability week a few years ago and he was so inspirational. He really is like the grandfather of the profession!!