What is the thing you like LEAST about your UX job?

UXers! What is the thing you like LEAST about your UX job? The one thing that you would prefer NOT to have to do? Hit me (metaphysically, of course).

  • Explaining why UX is important to the second project manager on a project, considering that the first one resign in the middle of the project.
  • Having to explain an idea that the UX Lead doesn’t like but fits the client perfectly, considering that the UX Lead didn’t talk to the client beyond the first meeting.
  • Having to fiddle on a sketch for the 4th time, based on client feedback only, and of course no user involved because “it takes too much time”.
  • Being told that a user centered design approach is a nice to have and then being made redundant after 9 months :slight_smile:

Other than that, I love the job. But these are the aspects are really dislike and it is not isolated.
This is why I now assess offers very carefully before taking a job.

So basically the political parts of the job then, Charles? I think it’s so difficult to be able to see things before you go into a job though—the political landscape of an organisation or project can be secretive or not so easily identifiable or predictable beforehand.

Yes that’s exactly right, for my kind of profile it is extremely annoying, because it slows me down very badly.

Actually I have developed a way to uncover potential political issues during an interview.
Of course questions to understand if you are going to be a luxury hire or an essential piece of the process must be asked before to proceed with the following questions:
[]For example I like asking question related to the culture: "How do you maintain creativity within the organisation?"
This question gives you a lot of information about how you are going to be able to share your ideas, but also how your ideas are going to be received.
]I also like asking questions about relationship: "What do you think about me displaying some design documentation on an A3 paper in the developers’ pod or the kitchen?"
Again, this question should uncover insights, at this stage you should hear stories between department or even the atmosphere in the office.
[]Finally I always try to test manager’s reaction by proposing an “out of the box” idea: “If we have no time for a formal usability testing, would you be keen to see me going to the local cafe during 4 hours and do a quick usability test with customers in exchange of a latte?”.
Asked to a UX Lead or a manager the answer is going to be different but it shows already reactions about your way to tackle issues.
]Another interesting point: if it is mentioned that a previous designer has been retrenched, understand why, be delicate on that one.
[/LIST] There are many other questions that can be asked but these ones are in my script aiming to understand the political climate for an organisation.
It doesn’t give you everything but enough to perceive the situation in the office.

I believe that these questions are related to the following topic: “Informational Interview Questions

The worst thing for me is hearing someone with decision making powers say “Why do we have to bother with user research?! Can’t we just say we spoke to a few people and not tell anyone?!” Also there are those who think that UX is a tick and flick thing or an impulse purchase like a side order. I know someone who was once asked if they could provide 'UX advice for 1 hour" because that’s what they thought their project needed - one year after they started working on it. They literally asked for ‘1 UX’ please - we should have asked if they wanted fries with that!

I love the work I do, it’s more about the roadblocks and ignorance from everyone else that makes it hard sometimes.