What are you watching at the moment?


I’m a TV addict!!!

Just finished:
-Bingeing my way through all five seasons of Wentworth (it makes OITNB look like a holiday camp)
-Orphan Black

  • Big Little Lies

-The Strain
-The Mist
-Queen of the South

-The Walking Dead
-Stranger Things
-The Handmaid’s Tale (Yay for Season 2!!)

  • Westworld
  • Breaking Bad
  • The Netflix Marvel collection (Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Daredevil)
    -Orange is the New Black (OITNB)
    -Mr Robot
    -Jane the Virgin (beautifully written, well cast and doesn’t take itself too seriously)
    -Santa Clarita Diet
    -Sons of Anarchy

Looking forward to:
-The Defenders
-The Punisher
-More Handmaid’s Tale
-Final season of Scandal
-More of The Walking Dead (Negan is delightful)


Jay-sus! Where do you find the time???

Love love love Banshee (and not just because the main character is a particularly hot Kiwi)


I am currently on leave hahaha :slight_smile:

hahaha yes he is!


such a great show…fantastic


I am very excited to see them go beyond the source material! Margaret Attwood herself has said that she never thought about what might come next and it will be fun to explore the gap between the end of the story in the novel and the epilogue.