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hi all
this is an “extension” of another post I wrote some weeks ago (http://community.uxmastery.com/t/dropdown-and-multi-select/2065)

Do you guys have experience of other user cases?


The only thing I can think is how it will work on a touch screen device, especially if people are using voiceover?


this is a great question!

Actually we are trying to figure this out.
For our native apps, we don’t have the issue so far, because we are not providing any select control (only dialogs).
For the responsive views this is a real pain in the ass.
In a couple of workshops we tried to explain to our customers that the best UX would be providing the select with a pre-filled value.
We are quite far from a solution…

What are your thoughts about it?


The only thing I can suggest is doing a mock up and testing it out for yourself on a mobile with voiceover switched on. (I lasted about 30 minutes with voiceover switched on before I almost launched my phone across the room!) It’s a real eye opener to how this sort of software works. You might find that the control you have chosen responds quite well in voiceover mode, in which case you won’t need to change it.

Sorry I can’t be more helpful!


this is the best way, I fully agree.

Anyway, screen readers (ex Jaws) are able to read html attributes as placeholder, I guess that we can achieve the same result with the voice over feature.


You’d need to play with the different ones.

I tried ‘Voiceover’ (General > Accessibility > VoiceOver) on an iPhone. The way it works is you tap on the screen and it reads the element you have tapped on, and any relevant html i.e. “link: home”, or “image: image of butterfly in a garden”, you then double tap to activate the element. it will then tell you what has happened.

It’s very hard to explain! But different accessibility tools work in different ways. On teh iPhone there is VoiceOver, Zoom, Speech, and then a variety of options within Display Accommodations too. They will each read different things in different ways depending on the interaction.

It would be lovely if there was one standard tool, or they all worked in the same way!


It would be perfect!