Uxmastery.com outage 18 Sep 2014


We had some downtime on our main website today for 26 mins from 11:57am - 12:23pm AEDT. During the outage period, people browsing articles and pages on the main site, or people attempting to use the online store checkout may have seen an error notice and been unable to use the site. Kim, our eagle-eyed managing editor, as well as our automated outage reporter both flagged the problem within a few seconds of it occurring, which we are impressed with!

The problem was due to an automated security update conflicting with our shopping cart software and causing a database crash. We were able to successfully reverse the problem and manually fix it within a short time. Constructive feedback has been passed to the authors of the various bits of software involved, and I’ll be investigating some options to avoid any similar issues in future.

Thanks for your patience and understanding while we got the problem sorted. If you have any feedback or experienced a problem during a checkout session that you still need help with, please contact Matt or myself at support@uxmastery.com


Nice work fixing it so quickly! :slight_smile: 26 minutes is impressive - well done!

Also love it how you guys shared; the details behind it, the steps you took to correct the issue and a real life human to contact for help :slight_smile: