Have you been following http://www.uxmas.com/ ? Any favs so far?


this one: http://www.uxmas.com/2017/the-heartwarming-story-of-nelly-and-neil/


Gah! I’m behind!!


I’m not gonna lie, that story is a tear-jerker.


I’m between the Heartwarming Story of Nelly and Neil and that excellent article about User Research Fatigue (although that might be because we just leaped over this project’s first User Research Hurdle.)


Yay @treyroady – you’re up today!


Yes! I’m excited. It’s my first guest spot. :slight_smile:


I love Mr. Spock!


Awesome job @treyroady!

My other fave is “King Content Joins the UX Team.” I so relate to it, and the format is really creative!


I was up yesterday, and totally missed it. :sweat_smile:
Enjoying the submissions so far, even if I am a few days behind.


I’m getting caught back up after dealing with family sickness, but I really loved Julia DeBari’s “Designing Friction into an Experience” and Doug’s “Hotel of Doom”.

The latter really reminds me of this huge building they have here in College Station. It’s easily the tallest building in town, but it’s off by itself to the east for a couple miles. You look off into the distance and see this giant square monstrosity and have to ask “What the heck is that?”.

You drive up to it and its surrounded with all sorts of luxurious landscaping, including fountains, and a huge parking lot, which remains nearly empty. Apparently, this 10 story building, 7 years in the making, is the home of American Momentum Bank, a local institution that’s gotten substantially bigger.

I’ve asked around and heard rumors that part of the reason why it seems so vacant besides for the main tenant is that all the delays were tied to all sorts of difficulty with building codes, resulting in limitations on how they can bring in business tenants for sub-leasing the building.

There’s a local write-up on it here.


Also, I loved the magic bean mini-cast. My favorite part was the subtle sound-effect of David surreptitiously spewing dirt into a plastic back in a car full of strangers.


:joy: I felt like such an idiot. Glad you liked it.


Ooooh, fun stuff! I didn’t spend much time in College Station, but the next time I’m down there I’m so checking it out.


Home-made sound effects are so much fun to make though!

Don’t ask me why, yet I needed a fart sound for a video project I was working on and the free ones that I found online weren’t cutting it. (Get it?)

Making farting sounds into my hands for that was one of the most personally amusing 20 minutes of my life.


But now I have to ask… Why?



I’m not gonna tell ya, yet now I’ll send you the sound clip of the fart sound when I get home after school today.

(I told ya not to ask hehe)


I just read the ‘Designing Friction Into an Experience’ article and I actually really want to read more into this topic. Does anyone here happen have any online articles or YouTube videos that talk about stress and user learning?


Also, I have found that instead of using the ‘Next Article’ buttons on the article pages, I like going to the main page between every article to click under the different advent calendar cards.

Does anyone else do this, or is that just me?