UX Talent Score?


As UX professionals, out skillset and experience level is often judged by project outcomes in the form of designs, taxonomies, persona’s, customer journey’s, etc. These assets are included in a portfolio so that future employers can view the phenomenal work and see how awesome we are. Aside from portfolio examples, what other areas do employers measure to see if the person is a good fit for the role, company, and culture? A few areas that come to mind include:
[]Business accumen
]Language proficiency
[]Role specific - i.e. html, css, JS skill level
]Communication style
Where am I going with this? I’m wondering if it’s possible to capture data points that can be translated to a UX Talent Score. This is definitely a topic of personal curiosity and I just want to post to see if anyone had feedback.



Do other industries do something similar? Nothing here seems to tie this distinctly to UX.



This is an interesting idea! I’m not so keen on scoring methods, as although they can give a good beginning indication, they are also very subjective.
This would work for the output, but not so sure it works for soft skills, such as empathy. As how do you measure this?
In terms of fitting into the role and company culture, this can be tested out via a person’s personality, sense of fun, what they do outside of work for fun, their work ethics etc. Also things that would be hard to measure.

There would also be a range of differences, as some UXers work in a team, some by themselves, some aren’t so organised and others are insanely organised, but they both can do great work.

Portfolios and CV’s get you to the interview, but I think it is how you portray yourself in the interview and your knowledge, passion, and drive for the topic as well as other soft skills that make an employer want to employ you.