UX Strategy for a Hypothetical Project

Hi. I am a beginner in UX and I am planning to work on a hypothetical project for practical experience as well as to add it to my portfolio. I read about UX strategy and how it is helpful in guiding the entire design process for any UX project. I want to include UX strategy in my effort.
My question is how do I decide on the Vision, Design Criteria and Success Metrics when I am not actually working with any stakeholders? Should I make up this information?

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If your hypothetical project, and/or its components have any similar counterparts in the real world I would start by using those as the basis for your research. If not, and it’s 100% unique, then I would treat it as if it were a brand new product and research your why, competitor, demographic, personas etc as if you were going to legitimately build it. Even better, find real people to get feedback on your ideas/prototypes.

Treating it as a real product, and where possible using real data, will give you a far better result than if you make assumptions. Without real insights, you’ll have hollow results that I’m betting will be obvious in an interview/portfolio scenario.

Maybe create something that resolves a problem that you/your social circle genuinely have? It will make identification of your vision easier and the design criteria and Success Metrics should fall out of that.


A comparative / competitive analysis is a good place to start. It will also serve as a piece of documentation in your case study.

Good luck!


What if it is a redesign of an existing website (more like a made up study project)?

That should make life easier for you. Especially if it’s a well know, well-discussed site.

I read a couple of pretty well thought out/researched articles recently. Might point you in the right direction.


Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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Wow. This is really helpful. Thanks a ton! :smiley:

My pleasure. :slight_smile:

Hey UX strategy is something I’m also interested in and we will be talking about at the next UX and Psychology Meetup in Melbourne, April. Stay tuned on the Meetup page for updates :slightly_smiling_face:

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