UX Research, customer base vs user base


I’m interested in seeing if anyone has problems reaching their entire user base? I work for a TV/ Video Entertainment company. When recruiting for UX Research studies, I can access a customer list of account holders and easily gain access to them, but I have to keep in mind that not all of our users are primary account holders. In other words-one account can be for an entire family, but the information we have on that account is only for the one paying the bills. I want to be able to recruit to the larger user base.

What are some different ways you have used to recruit for user research studies & participants?



Great question. Are there ways that you could message your emails to the lists you have that ensure you’re appealing to the right person in the household?

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What if you sent a questionnaire to the whole customer base but within that questionnaire you could frame it to weed out who the real users of that account is/are. You can then segment out your customer list

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