UX Redesign process


Hi everyone
I’m working on a project which is redesigning the UX of the web application and I’m alone in UX team.
I conducted user interview and gathered significant problems in the web. then I create some artifacts such as persona and user stories. then solved some of problems and design the prototype. so I want to know that what is the next step for me? should I just report that problem and prototype to the develop team? how can I convince the develop team? how can I be sure that my changes are logical?
I am a little confused and need some helps.
thank you for your attention.


The biggest step right now is to do Usability testing (User testing). That prototyping needs to be used form your target audience (Users). You don’t know is it usable or not, unless you don’t test it from your users. You will have proof later to show to your stake holders or developers that your design is good.

Remember - Good functionality means Good Design.


hi @Gm_S

first of all, you have all my respect, being a solo designer is not easy and sometimes not even funny.
On top of that, what I can say is that you have more freedom in organising the product design steps.

If I well understood you’ve worked on some design research deliverables such

  • review fo the current status of the art
  • interviews (with who? Stakeholders, engineers or…)
  • persona
  • user stories (did u shared it with product owners and business analysts?)

and on top of it, you have also done a prototype.
If I were you I would start a validation process, based on shared design KPIs.
For instance, one KPI could be “reducing the user effort to accomplish the task” and then you could describe your solution with something like, “the current solution provides a 5 step procedure to accomplish the task, with the new design option we can allow the user to reach the same goal by performing 3 steps”

Once you have the KPIs list defined and accepted by all your stakeholders you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve and with which type of deliverable.

I hope it helps, good luck


thank you. the tips you mentioned, really help me and clear the way. I hope I could do it well.


you’re welcome
feel free to share the draft of the design KPIs you would like to measure/achieve


Your work will need to be prioritised. Otherwise how does the development team know what to work on next? Usually there are project managers/product owners/stakeholders etc who will prioritise the list of things to do, and feed the work into the dev cycle in priority order.

You shouldn’t need to ‘convince’ the development team.


They have a seperate person doing your functions not just a BA? Wow times have changed. Lucky you.

See this is where your problem is, because you dont have a Business Analyst writing the requirements (which should drive everything from System Requirements #S to Test Case #S you dont have a System Analyst to work with, Im presuming? The System Analyst is your lead into the dev team, everybody else aside from their PM is a shite muncher to you to be honest, you shouldnt have to convince anybody. If the customer agrees with your concept, and have signed the prototyping and requirements off in what I presume you have written as a BRD then its easy to convince the SA, do it or Im telling the “Customer” if internal you wont, or I will be raising this with the sales team etc.

But from what it sounds like you arent working in any kind of team.

Why do you have to convince the dev team of anything? Its their job isnt it to produce what you say? If it fails its on your head not theirs…

Slightly confused.


Bingo (and usually its me, the UX designer, business analyst, database analyst … as you are told once you start the contract rofl)

I dont get how you can run any project with NO SDLC of any form…

This is where UX needs to reign its head in, its a TINY part of the bigger picture and anyone entering it should know the complete SDLC first.


you are right, actually the problem is (as you and other friends mentioned) there is nobody to manage the relations between designer and dev team, prioritize the goals and requirements or even plan. for that I decide to talk to team leader or project manager to fix this trouble.


Well done. Well at least you have a project manager. If your role is more than just UX, because not every requirement is a ux requirement, then is it up to you to raise this, or is there a business analyst on your team?


in our team the project manager is responsible for that case.