UX process for Intranet applications?


What is the UX process mostly followed on internal applications of an enterprise company ?

As most of them focus on customer centric and use techniques and methods but for internal applications these are not followed somehow and take it as granted.

Please reply on the UX process or methods to get the best results out of it.


hi @bas2k10
I guess it will be not easy to reply to your question.
In my experience, UX approaches and/or methodologies (ex. mobile first) are applied according a mix of inputs coming from several departments, especially in an enterprise environment. As UXers we should take care about all the needs of our stakeholders and define a specific approach and/or methodology according some precise assets (capacity in terms of people for instance).

Anyway, Ive some questions for you:

What do you mean with “internal applications”?
What these apps are supposed to do?
Are they new apps or is an enhancement of existing ones?
What do you , exactly, mean with “enterprise company”? How many users are expected to use these apps?


I’m interested in this topic too.

At the moment I’m working on an ‘internal’ business system and seeking to identify the UI that supports optimal workflows for users (within some constraints of a default package install) as well as the colour of the UI (which I know many people/Depts will have an opinion on).

Beyond ensuring suitable contrast for accessibility and evaluating through lab sessions, does anyone know any good examples of a process for doing this, or any useful papers/research around color in this context?