UX Portfolio



Hey guys, halfway through the process of designing and developing my business portfolio, was hoping to get some initial feedback on your thoughts and feelings?

Kind Regards,


Hey Michael,

First impression is great. It’s slick and intuitive.

Bottom line for me though – portfolios are about documenting your process so until you have actual content in there it’s a bit hard to give you any constructive feedback.

Have you got case studies ready to document?


Thank you for the kind words, Sarah.

I haven’t had a lot of professional exposure and considered offering A/B testing for free, just to gain real life experience, apart from books/courses. If you have any good advice, in regards to this, I’m more than willing to listen.

Most of my documentation is written by hand and needs to be transferred into a digital form.

Kind Regards,
Michael Olsson


No problem. This topic has some great information (and some outgoing links to other great information). Have a read through that and see if it answers your questions.


Hello, when clicking on your prototype I was unable to click through the desktop version. It remains static on dektop. i


I havn’t got that far yet @tylernectarux