UX Mastery survey

Hello everyone!
My name is Sergey, I’m UX-researcher at a small software company, and now writing my master thesis on online communities.
I selected UX Mastery community as an interesting case to test several hypotheses about the theoretical frameworks to describe and explain it.

Please, answer to my survey, I’m desperately in need of some quantitative data.
It won’t be longer than 10-15 minutes, and all questions are pretty easy.
Here’s the link to it: http://keycee.me/585391

Also, there is the same survey, but with screen recording to test several usability hypotheses about my survey. If you’re interested, you can participate in the test here: https://test.fabuza.ru/52e6e81b-4ebf-4fcf-a812-14ac8f1c31bb/

Thank you in advance!

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Survey is still up, please, find several minutes to take it!
All results will be shared here, including new interesting survey methodology, which i test in this questionnaire.

Hello, Sergey, and welcome to the community! I went to take your survey but I’m unable to access it. For me, the page shows as loading but eventually times out. Is anyone else having this issue?

Hm, interesting. You’re first to say that. Can you please try the second link (https://test.fabuza.ru/52e6e81b-4ebf-4fcf-a812-14ac8f1c31bb/)?
It’s the same survey but throught usability-test software.

(Sorry, edited it later due to the typo in a link)


I went and checked the first link. It works for me. The second link also opens up.

I didn’t take the survey because I’m not a UX professional though. I’m just here for the community. :slight_smile:

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Thank you!

Welp, I should have noted earlier, that it’s about comunity, not profession =_=
If you have a time, please consider taking the survey, your response will be really helpfull.


That was a thoughtfully designed survey. Well done. I think you should see some good results.


You talked me into it. Survey complete.