UX Help


Hey so I need some help with this website, I am attempting to try to analyze its UX aspects.

Can any of you help me with this question below about this website and some ideas on what is good and bad for this website?

Question: The suitability of the platform (for example, consider appropriateness of screen
resolution/orientation, available user interface(s), responsive design, etc)


Why don’t you begin by telling us your response to the question and we can give you feedback/advice?


need more information.

“The suitability of the platform”

For what purpose? Who? What are their needs? What are the business needs? How do they match user needs?

you’re an architect firm, I get that. But that’s only after some clicking around. The site needs some way of orienting users around needs e.g.: “I’m a person thinking of hiring an architect”

also: half the links don’t work


Whatever the purpose of this site is, there just simply is not enough copy on there to educate and enlighten the user. Nice photography though.