UX Design in Italia


Salve, vorrei intraprendere la carriera di UXD, qualcuno sa consigliarmi un percorso da intraprendere, in Italia.
Grazie per l’ aiuto.


Translation (from Google Translate)

Hello, I would like to undertake UXD career, someone can advise me on a journey to Italy.
Thanks for your help.


Paging @dopamino, who is from Switzerland and the closest I know of geographically to Italy on UXM that I know of. Although not in-country, he is extremely knowledgeable about UX and the industry in general, and may be able to help out.


hi @dougcollins
thanks for the trust!
I will copy past your comment on my LinkedIn profile :slight_smile:

I will reply to @andrea_amm89 privately in Italian

cc @Piper_Wilson


Thanks for your help,


Hi! I read you answered @andrea_amm89 in regards to studying UXD in Italy. I’m currently looking on moving to Italy and this will serve me a lot. Any help? Thanks!


Hi @andrea_amm89 and @yesidtorresa !
How is your research going? what part of Italy are you most interested in?

If you are still seeking advices, in Rome, there is a very nice book club I used to attend. If you are around there, I’d start with this: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/2376365
Also, they might inspire you with interesting and useful titles and authors. There are many UX book clubs in Italy, I’m sure you will find one in your area as well.

I hope this helps.

Good luck!


Hi, @yesidtorresa
I’m in charge of a school in Milan called TAG, which is very valid but also very expensive.
Or there is the online course called UXBox, which is what I am doing, and I feel very good, if you want I can give you the contact of the professor.
see you soon, Andrea!


hi @yesidtorresa
what do you exactly mean with “studying UXD in Italy” are we talking about University paths or private/business schools?
Anyway, as @saratraverz already mentioned a book club could be a good starting point to find out which option fits your need.

Regarding the private schools, I know these ones in Rome

This one is provided by the biggest university in Roma, “La Sapienza”:

I can’t give any feedback regarding the TAG school.

Good Luck and enjoy Italy!