User research questions for wardrobe app idea



Hey everyone

I have an idea for a wardrobe app that i would like to test out as a project for my portfolio. My idea is to create an app that will help you:

  1. To keep track of what clothes/accessories you have in your wardrobe
  2. So you don’t buy a similar item
  3. See if your new clothes will go with other items in your wardrobe
  4. Help you create new outfit ideas
  5. Help you pack for holidays
  6. I may also incorporate sustainable tips e.g. how to mend clothes, recycle/donate clothes, customise clothes, etc as I’m an eco warrior!

I’ve asked a few of my friends if they will be my test users for this project. So far my plan is to ask them some questions about their shopping/fashion habits to see how the app can help. Then ask them to try out an existing app to get feedback on what works and what i could improve. Then I’ll mock up a prototype and do some user testing. Does this sound like a good plan?

Here are the questions I have for the first stage:
Show me your wardrobe, how do you organise it?
What motivates you to go shopping to buy some new clothes?
Do you buy more on the high street or online?
When on the high street do you tend to browse or do you have a specific item in mind?
How do you decide what to buy
Do you think about whats in your wardrobe
or if you have a similar item already
or if this item will go with your jeans/skirt/boots
How do you keep track of whats in your wardrobe/storage
How do you select your outfit day to day
How do you plan what to pack for a holiday
Do you have items in your wardrobe that you haven’t worn for 6months+
How do you feel about those items
Why haven’t you worn them

These are just questions that i have thought of but I don’t know if there’s a more strategic way of going about it? Let me know if you have any ideas on other questions I should ask.

Thanks for your help!


Side stepping a bit, imagine a browser extension that detects when you are buying clothes and adds them to your app with the great pro photography included…


ooh thats a good idea, thanks Rachel


competitor research

look at the reviews to see what people like/dont like

sounds like a pretty big project. Break it up as best you can into smaller chunks and create a rough project roadmap. Maybe follow the UCD methodology as this focuses on getting to the prototype/iterate stage pretty quickly, which will help you validate your ideas sooner.


thanks for the competitor product. When i started the research i realised how many different features i could have, but I’ll start with a MVP and create a roadmap