Usability testing for progressive applications


An interesting question from our Slack channel:

What are your thoughts/insights on conducting usability testing for progressive forms or applications where also there are steps that have dependencies? What is your approach to test these type of experiences? Do you give participant/users the mission/goal to complete the application only and let them go through or do you give them a task for each step that users should complete? Any thoughts? Ideas, comments?

Have you guys come up against this?


I use a script that describes the user-story in terms of what the user wants to do (for instance “I want to create a recurring payment module for a customer”). Within the script, I provide few technical info like “as a user pretend to be interrupted by a phone call and you want to save the process to start it again in a couple of hours”.

The most important UX KPIs I would check are:

  1. Navigation/action pattern - is it clear the naming convention?
  2. System notification - is the user able to understand what will happens next, for instance, after she/he saves the form?
  3. User interactions - how the user is guided by the system in case there’s an error?