Twitter Friends


Reading the “UX Everyday” I noticed that a lot of the individuals who were interviewed would start their day connecting with other designers on Twitter. It seems like maybe Twitter is one of the good communities to get involved in? I’ve hardly used Twitter, but I’m certainly wanting to immerse myself with the UX community.

Does anyone want to be UX Design Twitter friends? @Crystal_Llinas

Hopefully this is okay to post/request.


Totally ok to request. FWIW I dip in and out of Twitter. It can get quite political and depressing! You should def follow us at @uxmastery though – we post a lot of carefully curated content.


Thank you! I’m now following and look forward to getting more immersed with the community!


I’m also in and out, i use it to cross share interesting stuff I find follow me @arirahmati I will follow back! :slight_smile:


Awesome! I’m now following you. Thanks for making connection. :slight_smile: I’ll be sharing resources and interesting findings as I learn. I hope that some of that becomes beneficial for you too in some way or another.


Just followed you!

@Hawk is correct - Twitter can get pretty political, but if you fill your Twitter feed with UXers it’s less likely to get annoying. Tweetdeck ( is a good way to combat this - you can create a column just for UX and filter out the noise.

Definitely follow @JoeNatoli (who also drops by these forums on occasion), @UXMastery, @WhatUsersDo, and @SarahDoody.


Thank you for connecting and recommending others to follow as well!

I’ll have to check out Tweetdeck! As a person that has hardly ever used Twitter until now, what I usually hear from it is usually politically or emotionally charged Tweets so it’s good to know there’s a way to filter out what I want to see better.

You guys are awesome!