Thoughts on Filtering set-up?


I’m doing some A/B testing on a filter design:

  • A uses traditional applied filter design in a horizontal row (see pic,

  • B uses a more simplified approach as used on where label occupies original filter category location (see pic)

It tested out exactly 50/50. I’d love to hear your thoughts.




I would look to the Jakob Nielson UX heuristics. There are actually problems from a UX perspective with both filters.


Hi @jdebari,

Thanks for the feedback, but can you be more specific? Based on nngroup I’m guessing the design doesn’t fly because it doesn’t show a full summary listing in one place, nor does it show visible placement of the applied filter in the location from which you chose it. What do you have issues with the Nike design? If you can’t explain that’s fine. I appreciate your time.



With the design you only show the applied filters. Usually, to remove a filter, the X should be on the right side of the filter for clarity. Actions are usually after a filter. Secondly, the filters look like text. They don’t look actionable, neither does the X to delete them.


Thank you for the explanation. For clarification, Nike does show its filters on the left-hand column, I didn’t screengrab that portion. I appreciate your feedback.

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