The effectiveness of UX design courses / programs

I’m recently started wondering about the overall effectiveness and learning experience provided by UX design training programs (e.g. short courses, bootcamps, college certificate/diploma, etc.).

I know there’s a wide variety of offerings out there, with varying lengths of commitment and cost, and ranging from Design Thinking methodology to how to use InVision/Figma. But how effective are these programs in setting the foundations for a successful career with UXD, and what opportunities are there to improve and iterate?

I thought I’d put together a survey to capture input from UX folks who have been through such programs. If you’ve ever taken a course to get started in UX research and design—and especially if you’re now working in the field of UX or product/service design—I’m interested in hearing from you.

I’m hoping to develop a better sense of what’s working, what isn’t, and how we can help sustain and evolve our discipline even further.

Here is the link: https://

Thanks in advance for any/all input!

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