Testing chat bots


Hey Everyone,

My team has been tasked with testing a chat bot with customers and need a suitable prototype to test with.

We have done basic invision prototypes to test for look and feel and placement etc… but we are wanting to test content, especially around tone of voice level of detail etc…

I think the best place would be on the live site but thats not an option at the moment. We have considered Wordpress chat plugins (but they are clunky) something like Slack

Has anyone done this before?

I’ll also post in ‘Design thinking’

Thanks in advance,


I’m all about low budget testing. Two suggestions:

  1. Email 20 customers to see if they’d be interested in previewing some new technology that you’re working on over a 15 min Zoom call. Chances are 2-5 will agree. Record the calls (recording is built into Zoom). Share your screen. Preview your bot for them, and let them do most of the talking.

  2. Grab someone in your office. Depending on the size of your company, head out into the hallway, or outside the building. Find 3-5 people who will stand there and chat with you for 5 min. Hold a screen in front of them with your chat bot on it. Have your buddy stand behind you, and record each session over your shoulder with the camera on their phone.

That’s what I would do. Hope that helps!


hey thanks mate - will let you know how we go.


I just used Chatfuel for a hackathon last weekend. It was super easy to set up and use for a prototype.

Good luck! Hope that helps!