Technical round interview Questions


I really need some help right now.

I have been shortlisted in the first technical round of UX Design job at one of top design studios in India.

Before that, I had to do the assignment which I cleared. Now I am not sure what kind of questions will be asked.

I am worried. Could someone help me so where I can prepare?


Hmmm, that’s a bit of a tricky one. I have no idea what the questions will be and theoretically there shouldn’t be technical questions for a UX role (although we all know that’s not the case IRL).

Maybe @joenatoli or @dougcollins might have some ideas.


@dotafxoc I really don’t know what they’ll ask, to be honest. But I will give you this advice:

Stop worrying, for two reasons:

  1. That stress will only cause you to be nervous come interview time, and your answers will suffer as a result.
  2. The best you can do is any situation is simply tell the truth of what you know. It’s either enough or it isn’t.

And if it isn’t, that is no reflection on you, your talent or your ability. It simply means you’re not a fit for them, and/or they’re not a fit for you (which is the case more often than folks think).

Trust yourself – after all, you’ve made it this far.


For starters, I’m honored to be summoned at the same time as the amazing @joenatoli. Thank you, @HAWK for thinking of me.

As always, Joe has hit the nail right on the head. There’s no way to tell what will be asked, and there’s little value in cramming for any kind of test, interviews included.

If you’re worried about your technical knowledge, perhaps a better use of your time would be spending it thinking about how you’ll respond to questions you can’t answer. And let’s face it: go to enough interviews, and there will be questions you can’t answer.

I always follow a few rules when I’m asked a question at an interview I can’t answer:

  • Be honest-- nothing is more damning than trying to BS an answer.
  • Explain what background knowledge I have.
  • Explain how I’d go about finding an answer to the question (resources, people, etc.)

The pressure to be omnipotent is often self-inflicted. Having a process and resources available to learn new skills and concepts within our industry is essential, especially given the constantly-shifting nature of our work.


I second everything @dougcollins says here. His rules for questions you can’t answer are things you should take to heart.

I also think it’s worth mentioning that true leaders/bosses/managers/etc. fully understand that there will always be questions you can’t answer.

So in many cases I don’t think they’re expecting 100% correct; I think they want to know how you handle situations where you don’t know the answer, as Doug suggests.


Thank you!!! I understood. I am not worried anymore.


Awesome. Let us know how you go.


Well, I got rejected and got somewhere else which is nice.


Awesome! Congratulations. Have you started?


Yeah, it’s been some months there and my manager is great!!!


Awesome news. How are you enjoying the work? What kinds of challenges are you facing?


I faced too many issues when I started here.
The biggest problem was that I didn’t want to work on UI. I only wanted to work on UX part.
Second challenge I faced that I wanted to absolute UX part (Research, personas and all that) where I couldn’t do here due to lack of time.

My manager really helped me to focus on both part of Design rather than one. As my manager promised me earlier when i joined this company to have luxury of research part and all if needed. It’s been few months and now I got a chance to do proper research which I am gonna do.

Third challenge I think I will be facing is that I am the only one in my company to do every form of Design. So I am thinking to hire an intern under me to help me.

What do you think about it?


If that’s an option it sounds brilliant!

It sounds like you have a great manager. Happy for you. :slight_smile:


I also faced more problems. Working with developers was huge headache for me but by the time they got to realize how important UX/UI is. I also got more opportunities at my company. I got to work on other products of my company. I am gonna start Usability testing in next week. I am damn excited :blush:


I’m so glad to hear that. I believe that your excitement will help make your project shine!


I believe too. I will share my experience.


Please do! It’s so important for us to share our knowledge and experience and help those coming up behind us. Congrats on landing a gig.