Talk about unusable


So I went to this site, which looks pretty cool, but I left and came back twice before figuring out how to get in. Has anyone else come across any #fails lately?


I’ve come across one site with a hilarious and buggy design but fortunately (or not) they have fixed it already. What I noticed recently though is that a significant number of company web pages look as if they were made in the 90’s and that’s something which keeps their customers away. I hope that soon they will learn about usability and create more job for UX and Design professionals. Fingers crossed!


I found out that there is an actual UX DEPARTMENT at this place: - now I don’t want to bad mouth too much about it, I’ll let you guys visit yourselves. But they actually have an accessibility statement that:

a) Does not comply
b) Is for WCAG v1.0 - which is about 7 years ago??

One of my pet hates is for sites that dump on an accessibility statement, but have no accessibility on their website. They know accessibility exists, yet do nothing about it! I’m actually much more forgiving (although still not cool with it) to sites that have no policy on their page.


This site continually confounds me

It seemingly breaks every ‘rule’ in the book, yet turns over £millions and is successful to the point that Ling is invited to speak at web conferences.


Oh wow. It even has an animated chicken!


Amazed at how much money she must make! - Implementing more animated chickens on my website tomorrow. We’re obviously doing this web stuff wrong. :wink:


I’ve booked marked it cracks me up. the music is brilliant.
Have a look at this site…


… but it’s single column, and fits lovely on a small screen :wink:


Go to

Brilliant right?

Then go to, pretend your a user that needs accessibility help and is new to the site, then see how long it would take you to find the first page.



True HAWK.

I was first introduced to the site by a direct link… then when I went back later (only remembering the part) it took me a reasonable amount of time to locate the site (via the site index in the end). Just struck me as a bit comical… but also pretty poor on reflection. I’m happy that they have made such a wonderful effort though… that should be commended.