Struggling with my UX job search :(



I’ve been doing web and graphic design for several years now. I used to program with classic asp but I realized the presentational part is what I liked more. Then I became a UI designer.
In my last two job positions happened that I had to do the whole project cycle by myself. No art directors, nor programmers, nor real data or content provided, no copywriters to relay on.
My starting point on those projects was only the client needs, knowing that, all the rest would be by myself. Basically I performed tasks usually related with around 5 different positions. Then is when I defined myself as a UX and UI Designer.
During my whole career my approach was always push in a user centered direction (naturally o intuitively) but, not always this approach was taking into consideration until these two last projects. And these days, UX Design has become a specific position by itself.
I’ve been actively looking for a stable job for around 5 months now, realizing the market expect me to demonstrate clearly my UX skills but I’m not being successful.
When I have interviews, I use my last project as a sample of my “process”. I’ve created a bootstrap framework based prototype for a hospitality application based only, in a few screenshots provided of an existing desktop application. Obviously this led me to research about it, to ask as many questions as I could to the people who was familiar with that old application and, knowing the users would be the cruise’s crew members, my goal was to make sure our new application was as user friendly as possible; easy for the transition from one to another.
All this doesn’t look to be enough. It looks like I don’t have a methodology or any proof of it, meaning, I don’t have UX experience for them (Companies).
I would like to have a mentor, someone to guide me in how to create that methodology, maybe to provide me some tips or advice about my portfolio or a practice over a concrete project to improve my portfolio. I’ve been ready several tutorials already but don’t feel is enough.
My portfolio is at
Thanks for reading and for any help you might provide!


Out of curiosity, what makes you point to this as the main difficulty you’re having in finding a UX job?


Hi Dougcollins,
Well, basically the feedback I receive after interviews from job recruiters and managers.
The common comment I receive is that my portfolio looks very good as a UI Designer but they don’t feel I have enough experience in UX.
One recurring question is, what my methodology is.


Hi @rgbconcept,

A couple of comments:

Looking through your portfolio, I don’t really see a process. I see images, but not the story and how design decisions tied back to research. Also, downloading PDFs on an online portfolio seemed really strange to me. I would expect everything to be online. You have a lot of projects. Just pick the 3 - 5 that showcase your best UX work. Looking at what you have now makes it very unclear what role you are going for.
Since you have a varied background, you might want to focus on startups who will appreciate your myriad of skills. Check out

Here are some example portfolios to look through: and (I am proud to say these are some of my UX students.)

Good luck!


I agree with @jdebari – your portfolio is really slick and well presented, but I’d love to see more documentation around preocess.


Thanks a lot @HAWK - I’ll work on it.
I really appreciate your feedback :slight_smile:


Hi @jdebari, Your feedback is very helpful!
I love the portfolios you shared, they give me a better idea.
Thank you very much! I’ll keep you posted, if you don’t mind, with my updates :slight_smile:



How about the job hunting now? Cannot help notice that it has already passed half a year and really curious about your job now. Does everything go smoothly as you wish? I am also new to the UX designer and really wanna have a try here.


I, too, would like an update! I really hope everything is turning out well.