Some brief critique for a noob please



Hey guys!

Sorry, I know there’s a lot of portfolio critiquing that goes on here and you probably get sick of it but I am coming to the end of my degree (Applied Psychology (Technology Stream)) and am hoping to start working in UX. I would really appreciate any feedback (however short) on my portfolio. It’s a simple template-y site and a bit all over the place at the moment, featuring UX, development and graphic design type stuff. “RoadBlock” is my most UX-oriented project I think.


Thanks very much :slight_smile:


Hey David – welcome.

I’ll bookmark this to do first thing tomorrow. :slight_smile:


Great! Thanks Hawk! And I don’t mind super-harsh feedback by the way. All opinions are welcome :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Hey David,
Here you go! I’m happy to clarify any of the points below or come back and take a second look once you’ve made some changes.

  • First impression: clean, professional and restful
  • I really love the slate grey colour, but behind white text it doesn’t pass contrast testing for accessibility. I’m not sure whether that’s important to you, but prob worth taking note of.
  • Your top menu indicators and cues are great. Simple and intuitive.
  • The content of the bottom right is a bit confusing though. I see that I can sign up or login. What for? I’d consider removing that menu altogether.
  • The logo and the title on the homepage are clickable but that serves no purpose.
  • Social sharing could do with better descriptors:
  • On the inner pages (e.g. the About Me page) I’d significantly reduce the size of your header. It takes up most of the screen but doesn’t add to the experience
  • Having feedback/comments directly on the inner pages is a bit unexpected.
  • Including a music section is great – it gives some insight into your personality (and whether you’d be a culture fit for a potential employer)
  • You’ve done a good job of describing your process for the Roadblock project. It would be a good idea to clearly bullet point the skills used in each stage (something similar to the way you’ve listed the tools used in the Noodler one)
  • The Noodler project feels a bit light on info compared to the Roadblock one
  • At the end of each project I expected to find navigation to go to the next one, rather than having to click twice through the menu
  • Your About Me info doesn’t actually say where you’re from

Summary: This is a good start but as you say, it’s a bit all over the place. It doesn’t have a clear UX focus (which is fine if you’re not specifically focussing on UX) and it doesn’t include any kind of career/study/experience information.


Thank you so much for that feedback Hawk! I was not expecting to get such a thorough, comprehensive response so I am both amazed and very grateful :slight_smile:
Loads of stuff in there that I hadn’t even really considered such as the contrast testing (also can’t believe I don’t have where I’m from anywhere haha). Definitely do need to add a bit more to Noodler. I think I got a bit lazy when I got to that page. I’ll probably be making some sizeable changes to the site pretty soon.
Really appreciate the critique!


Totally welcome. :slight_smile: