Should my landing page only focus on clients?



As a startup we often pivot. This is what we are currently doing.

Currently we have an online forum to help each other to practice languages. We tried to do our best to balance natives and learners. We also tried to bring reach content to push people to participate to discussions. And we also tried to build a business model around this. We failed so we tried to make another approach.

What we know: people like our platform, they like the idea, they like the features such as TTS, audio recording. And on top of that training organisation and teachers like the concept too. So we decided to target teachers and organisation as our client. We want to propose them a personal forum to complete their panel of tools.

We have already seen how technically we can do it but our main trouble is how to present out landing page.

What is the main problem? To demonstrate the product we would like to use the current forum ( to let them try for free. This is to prevent teacher from creating its own forum for trying. It seems very complicated and a long process just to try. So he could test by joining a community and then create it’s own forum.

We think that best way to sell is to maintain our free service, free community and promote to users and at the same time promote to potential clients.

We wonder if we have to drastically modify our landing page or just place a CTA on the top right corner to clients “Create your own forum”. (it should replace the current sign up)

To target the two new actors we think about a generic UVP : The forum to improve language skills

Do you think it could be a good way?

Does gamification can help my site to push actions?

I’d try this first and see what the conversion rate is like. If you’re not getting the sign-ups you need, then go bigger.


Thank you, we put that in place


hi @marc_roche
I just add some comments to the page as I saw it on my phone.
I don’t know if smartphones are the first device target in your strategy…


OK, we have to work around this.