Selecting a winning answer in a forum


Hi Problem Solvers,
I am working on a forum style paradigm whereby a user can post a question and other members can answer it.
The original poster of the question will then be able to select one of the answers as a winning answer.
Users will also be able to vote on how helpful each answer is. Similar to the Stack Overflow approach.
So for each question, there may be a winning answer and most rated answers in succession on the page.

See my initial design here:

The problem I am trying to solve is how to allow the original poster can select that winning answer.
I had originally thought of showing them a version of the same screen with a small tick below the voting data to allow them to select one of the answers as a winning answers.


But after initial testing, it’s not obvious enough for users.
Another option would be to include a ‘Select as Winning Answer’ button on each answer, but I’m worried this might be a bit overkill.
What do other people think? How would others approach a solution?


Hey @zonja,
first of all congratulations for your work. I do like the UI because it’s elegant, it’s modern and it’s well balanced in terms of buttons, links and static content.

If I understood well you need to create two specific user tasks:

  • As topic owner, I want to choose the best answer. In this case, I would expect as, a user, to choose the best answer by moving the post to the top of the list (drag and drop or a flag/check button).

  • As topic reader, I want to rate the answers. In this case I would expect a rating tool (the classic stars from 1 to 5) or simply the thumb up (maybe with the label “like” and a counter).

What I wonder is, as the topic owner, how should I interact with the user ratings?
Did you plan, somehow, to relate the user feedback with the owner’s assessments?


Hi @dopamino - thanks for your feedback and comments.
Yes there will be two specific tasks, voting and selection of winning answer.
Our team have decided to allow the same voting rules for topic readers and topic owners.
One vote will be allowed per answer, and will be voted on by clicking the ‘Vote up’ arrow.
On doing this the answer visually moves up above the previous answer and the number of votes will change.

For the topic owner, I had included the addition of a tick, in their view of the post. Clicking on this tick would enaable them to select this answer as the winning one.

My problem is, I don’t’ think this is obvious enough without some explanation.
The voting functionality is something I have already tested with a few users.
Previously the UI did not include the word ‘votes’, below the number of votes and the voting functionality.
Including this text makes it much more apparent that this indicates a voting system.

My initial solution of a tick to select the winning answer, is not obvious enough when tested.
Do you think a ‘select winning answer’ button on each answer would be cumbersome?



Would this approach be overkill?


I think that works (assuming only the OP can see that button).

Discourse (this platform) actually has that functionality, although I don’t have the plugin installed here.

It looks like this:



  • I like the “ghost button” style
  • I like a self-explanatory label for the CTA
  • I like, as a user, having all the actions for the same task in the same place
  • I think another color (green) it’s not needed to express the CTA
  • I would try to keep the label in one line, maybe you should work on the wording and try to find something shorter
  • As PO I’d like to have a reminder about what’s the best answer

Something like this: